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Sessions Gear

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Anyone have any experience with Sessions pants or jackets. How is the quality? Do people find that their "Summit Series" pants and jackets (listed at 20K waterproofing) actually perform like 20K rated gear?
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I bought a Sessions hoodie from SAC awhile back. Won't do it again. Workmanship was ok, material was sub-par. That's my only experience with them.
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Yeah, I just grabbed a decent looking jacket off of tramdock that is supposed to be from their highest performance line of gear and am a little worried it isn't going to hold up in really wet conditions. I guess I'll have to wait and see. At least gear bought on tramdock comes with the same "no questions asked return policy".
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Bought jacket and pants recently from Backcountry sites. Good first impression. The pants are Ridge series and have everything I could want. Not waterproof tested yet but tomorrow is a probable powder day in the NE so I'll see.
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I have both ski pants and a ski jacket from Sessions. Had the pants for 2 seasons and the jacket for 1. Quality on both is excellent.

Pants were originally intended to be snowboard pants (I ski), so the edges of my skis cut them up a bit, but that's to be expected w/o edge guards. They are from the "ridge series" and I believe they live up to the 10k/10k waterproof/breathability ratings that Sessions claims. If I saw them on SAC or Tramdock (for around $50-$60) again, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

The jacket is the "Continuum" from the "summit series" with claimed 20k/20k ratings. The jacket is waterproof, I can't say whether it's as waterproof as advertised, but I've never seen water soak through it (I haven't tried it in a rainstorm). It is tough/well constructed. I do not believe it is as breathable as my GoreTex XCR shell or as its claimed 20k breathability rating. OTOH the vents are well placed both on the chest and back of the arms to form a "wind tunnel" that is effective at moving air through the jacket and cooling you off (much better than pit zips). If you regularly experience above the waist powder shots this ventalation system might not work as well for you. Since I ski inbounds on the East coast, powder shots of any variety are relatively rare. The Sessions Continuum is not my favorite shell jacket that I own, but I would recommend it, and my other shells cost me at least twice as much--I got it for $75 on SAC.

Hope that helps.

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Got a GoreTex shell from them in 2007, via SAC. I don't recall which model. I used it first for our trip to Costa Rica during wet season, then skied in it for 25+ days last season. Best jacket I've ever owned. No leakage issues. Got the job done.
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There are so many of them on tramdock.
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I bought a pair of their pants first, mainly cause of a deal (surprisingly not SAC/TD, B&M actually), but I liked them from what I could tell in the store. Then later got a jacket on SAC, again cause it was a deal. I'm pretty sure both are Ridge series, 10k waterproofing.

Overall pretty impressed with both. Stuff seems pretty bomber, bottom of the pants are starting to get a hair chewed up, but nothing worse than what I have done to every other pair of pants I've owned. Thats what Duct tape is for. Interesting thing on the pants, vents are on the inside. At first I wasn't too sure about this, but its kinda nice on a spring day, far better ventilation than size zips. Really keeps the boys comfy. The fleeceish lining on the pants is nice too as I rarely where more than a pair of mesh shorts under my ski pants. My favorite feature on the pants is by far the pass holder in the pants, I always wear the same pants, I don't always wear the same jacket. No more forgotten passes.

The jacket is great, with only a few minor flaws. I wish the powder skirt was a bit more adjustable, I need to really crank the elastic down to get it tight and the "watch window" is a pretty dumb idea that just tends to collect sweat.

Waterproofness has been more than sufficient for me and I have skied in the rain wearing this gear.

For the price it can be found for on Sacdock, I highly recommend Sessions gear, or at least the stuff I've tried.
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I've got the brown and white Sessions Winker Stripe jacket with 10k/10g and it has performed well for me, other than getting dirty easily, plus its super steezy. Also, the hood is really small but I never wear it anyway.
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Thanks for all the info. TD/SAC really push the sessions gear. My jacket and pants have arrived. They look pretty good...the jacked is the Firefly Crosshatch jacket (20k/20k) and the pant is the Parachute Pant (10k/10k). I'll post back after a few days out with them. For $150 total (pants+jacket...less than half the cost of just my old Gore-Tex shell - not even considering the cost of my Sierra Designs bib) it sounds like I can't go wrong.
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