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Whistler in Jan need advice

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Me and 7 buddies are off to Whistler in January for what I hope will be an epic trip. The trip serves 2 purposes, one to ski for a week, and two being my bachelor party... None of us have ever been that far north. I know they have been getting some snow lately, but whats the snowfall like in January typically? Also what are some good pubs to check out. We are going to be there Jan 11-18
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Relax. You'll have fun no matter what happens. The snow will be as it is, so worrying about it ahead of time will just give you ulcers. There's a decent chance that it'll be just fine.

As for bars and clubs, well, there are so many that all you have to do is walk down the middle of the Village and observe. You'll find the nightlife with no problem. However, you're getting married soon, so you should make sure you stay away from the ones with loud music and hot babes, if there are any.
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Dayam - a week long Bachelor Party? What's the age range of your crew? It might affect recommendations on what places would be more interesting.

BTW, I think the Boot Pub closed, which is too bad if you're heading up there for a Bachelor Party. FWIW, during MLK weekend, there could be some US sorostitutes around the Village or you could hit the Coug action at Buffalo Bills...

Been there many times in January, and gotten everything from epic pow to rain (only rained once out of 6-7 trips though...)

Also, search this forum and there's lots of recommendations already...
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Great news! we are all 22-28 (me being the oldest). I am really looking forward to the trip. I'm sure its going to be a great trip no matter what the conditions are. Also where do you think we should exchange at? What about lift tickets? Since we are all getting 6 days worth tickets, and there are 8 of us, can we get a group discount?
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exchange at? use your US ATM cards anywhere and it spits out CD $. best exchange rate.

buy your tickets at 7-11 in Vancouver.
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Its not cheaper to order online from whistler?
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You would have to have very bad luck for the snow in Whistler to be inadequate in your time frame. 2005 was the probably the only bad January in the last 30+ years.
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Originally Posted by m00coupe View Post
Its not cheaper to order online from whistler?

I just heard it is $87CD including all taxes at 7-11s.
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There should be a link to group sales off the Whistler Web Site. At 8 you might qualify for a discount or a free ticket for the group "organizer". Or you might have to line up some people interested in the discounted ticket only to expand your party. Don't worry about the snow, at worst you'll have to download on the Whistler gondolas. You'll also want to watch the news on the repairs to the Blackcomb gondola, as that might have some impact on traffic flows.
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Whistler gondola info

Main Gondola to Blackcomb collapses. Check out base area snow conditions in picture.

That gondola is the main download route off Blackcomb. Might be a little time before they start to repair tower. probably require accident investigation then inspection/rebuild of footing/piles and fabrication of some large steel structures.

They have a crane on the scene already and are working on it see last picture.
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Seems the failure was due to "ice jacking" That sounds like a pretty technical term... lol. I just got my new binders and boots in so my stoke level for this trip is at an all time high. Twenty two more days!
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