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Hot Waxing Question

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When I am ironing on wax on my skies the front or skin gets warm, especially in the thin front and tail area's. Is that a concern. I run the iron at 290 to 300 degrees F. I like to iron the wax till it stays liquid on its own for 10 to 15 seconds. mondo
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Might be best asked in the tuning section.

I'm no expert, but it would appear you are using way too hot a temperature and getting the bases way too hot. See one of the hot waxing tips sites, such as:


You can seriously damage your skis by getting the bases too hot.

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Its normal for the top sheet to get warm (not hot). The iron temp needs to be set according to what wax your using. I use Dominator wax which recommends 250 degrees, thats where I set my iron. Check the package and follow the manufactures recommendations. If your smoking your wax your set too hot. When applying the wax keep the iron moving steadily at all times, the wax should flow smoothly.
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never leave the wax on one part of the ski, it should always be moving. Check the package, like buck said, for the suggested temp. you seem to be going wayyyy to hot.... and also, like buck said, smoke is bad, like dangerous for you health bad, smoke means your burning the wax and could be burning your bases too. the last thing you want to do is burn the bases...

BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. set the iron low and raise the temp till the wax starts to move nicely and there is no smoke. dont go over that. your theory about the wax only hardening after 10-15 seconds should really be the least of your worries. you can go over the wax a couple of times after it hardens, whether is stays liquid for 15 seconds or 5 seconds, its still going to work
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Originally Posted by mondo View Post
I like to iron the wax till it stays liquid on its own for 10 to 15 seconds. mondo
Try for a 6-10" trail behind the iron instead.

If the wax is liquid on its own, before the iron hits it, you no longer have the iron overtemperature protection of the wax phase change.
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that sounds a little hot even for a very cold wax (which you shouldn't be using since it's december and toasty!) use the recommended wax temp on the package, if you lost that shoot for 240-250 F. The wax shouldn't smoke, if it does turn the temp down 10 degrees or so and try again. You should have about a 6" trail of hot wax behind the iron, much more than that and you risk damage to the skis.
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