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Ski Bumming in the Summer?

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i would look into whistler. great village, and great summer skiing. plenty of jobs as a digger at the various camps.
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but look into applying now for a digger job. heard there hard to get.
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well just to point out one thing if you are looking for some where to go that is easy on the dollar than the alps are definetly not ur best bet as the euro is about $1.30. Canada would prolly be the easiest on the dollar as the dollar has about the same strentgth over the canadian dollar as the euro does over the U.S.
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So the language thing could be a problem, but I'd look into somewhere in South America, you can work on the language thing, and there's no better way to learn than immersion. The skiing will be better, and overall I'd say a much more unique experience.
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I'd go New Zealand, from your choices there. Everything else is just glacier skiing. If this is your big chance to get back into skiing for an entire summer--go for broke and head south where you get a full resort.
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Get any two jobs you can so you can just take the whole winter off.
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Originally Posted by bisco View Post
Hi all,

As you can see, this is my first post. I've looked around but can't seem to find an answer to this. I'm from the South, have ski'd out at Park City and Killinngton when younger, loved it, but haven't gone since. I would absolutely classify myself as intermediate at best if not just amateur.

I go to Duke (University, North Carolina) and don't really have time to hit the slopes for more than a few days at a time (I work), and am looking around for a summer job. Instead of trying to intern for a bank in New York that's probably just going to fail anyway, I'm thinking I'd like to try out the "ski bum" experience...but in the summer. (Yes, I know this seems far away, haha).

Specifically, what are your thoughts on this? And also, if you think it's a good idea (I should be able to convince at least a friend of mine to come out with me), where do you think some ideal places to go would be? I've heard good things about Mt. Hood and Whistler and then maybe the Alps or NZ/Australia. I'd rather go somewhere that's easier on the buck (flights, exchange rates) and where I could only speak English (I'm semi-fluent in French though, so the Alps are an option, but probably not South America). I'm guessing housing won't be as tough to find as it is during the winter, but correct me if I'm wrong here too.

Thanks a lot for your responses,
bisco (Disco Biscuits, good band)

id say if you had the balls to do it go to south america.

you ll probably end up learning spanish if you go down there. Plus most people in this world speak english.
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Hello! the Euro @ $1.30 is a FANTASTIC exchange rate for us Merkins! Take advantage of it.
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If ur trying to save money than why would u go some where that ur dollar is worth %30 less when u could go some where its worth %30 more?
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Does mammoth still stay open into july?
Maybe see they have a good snow year.
If you are off May first, that would give you 2 months of skiing.
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Thanks for the suggestions all around.

I actually do have May off as well, so that's an option. I was planning on going out there probably the second or third week of May.
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whistler. once you get here you dont need a car. big big plus
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