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Snowbird or Park City

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I will be staying slopeside at PCMR from Dec 13-16 but since there are only 4 runs open at PCMR, is it worth it for me to drive to Snowbird since I noticed Snowbird lift tickets were only $39? I am an advanced beginner/intermediate. I was planning on skiing Deer Valley the day I fly in since it's free, but I'm trying to see what I should do on Sunday and Monday. I was thinking maybe Alta would be good too since there are no snowboarders and terrain might be easier..
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Conventional wisdom/fact is that there will be more snow and open trails at Alta/Bird. But since you are a beginner-low intermediate I'm not so sure it would be worth the 50 minute trip. Do lift tics come with your current arrangements and how many ski days are you doing? Do you plan to get a rental car regardless of where you ski? Just a suggestion from afar: DV on first day still sounds good. Then maybe split time between PCMR, Canyons and DV, then go to Alta (more low intermediate trails than Snowbird) for last day??
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>is it worth it for me to drive to Snowbird since I noticed Snowbird lift tickets were only $39

Yes! Most of Snowbird is open, it is good advice to be a little cautious because it is a very steep resort and you can get into areas where as a beg/interm you don't belong. But if you are good with a map you will find it very worthwhile to take a drive. Maybe head out there first, and the pending snowstorm might open terrain in park city. The scenery is spectacular!
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Originally Posted by mooko82 View Post
I was thinking maybe Alta would be good too since there are no snowboarders and terrain might be easier..
Conditions at Alta and Snowbird are way better right now than in Park City and of those two, you will have a lot more fun at Alta. Alta just has a lot more terrain that's suitable for your experience. With the storm that we are expecting though, things could be a lot better in Park City by your last day or two here.
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I'd go with @dcb31's advice, try to wait through the weekend, if you can and then see how this storm impacts Park City. If it doesn't hit, you can always drive, but you may find that conditions are picking up in the Park City area (we hope)!
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Let's all do our snowdances.
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go to alta.
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Originally Posted by cuff46 View Post
Let's all do our snowdances.
I decided to do everyone a favor and stop doing mine since it doesn't seem to work.
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definitely go to Alta/Snowbird. I would go there any day over PCMR, and for sure when they have most of their terrain open and PCMR has very little.
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Alta. The drive's easy and very sceanic. When I first came to Utah 20 years ago, we stayed in PC and made the drive every day. Never got old. Staying in Sandy gets old. Reports are snow's great up there. PC is not ready, Canyons and DV the same I'm sure, though I've only been to PCMR so far- just no natural snow to speak of, only manmade. Huge storm coming, so it'll be better next week. In the meantime Alta and the Bird have been collecting snow like magnets, and I hear it's good. I'm heading up Monday. Storm starts Saturday, 16"+ forecasted, and should continue all week. This is pretty normal for Utah when there's a dry early season. It all comes at once and doesn't stop.
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if i were to take lessons at pcmr would the lack of snow affect the quality of the lessons?
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Right now, the best terrain, snow deals are to be found at Snowbird. I live at The Canyons. There is one run (which is novice at best) open. PCMR opened Payday; that means that there's 2 runs open.Today, I skied Snowbird. There was a lot of chudder, not much powder and a lot of terrain open. For most of the day, we skied The Road to Provo. There were some fine shots (not faceshots) to be had. The Cirque is open, as is Great Scot, Primrose, etc.
Screw Alta, atleast for now. It's really not worth the extra drive. (ha ha).
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I'd take lessons at Alta- PCMR is a bowling alley right now. I'm going up with my kids later to block. But....

It's SNOWING! It started at first light and according to the forecast, should continue straight through Tuesday, clear a little, and start again, with tomorrow being the big dump. It looks pretty earnest right now.
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Sounds like Mooko's in for a righteous Utah baptism.
Gonna learn to ski powder before hardpack. Hope Mooko posts back on how things played out.
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Don't get too excited. Alta is only forecasting 11" of new snow. That's enough to hide the rocks from sight, but not enough to really cover them up. I'm still planning on using my rock skis through the weekend. Was up at Solitude today hacking my way through the brush--kind of like mogul skiing without the bumps. Actually, conditions weren't too bad, but we really need a couple of more feet to get good coverage and not just mask the problems.
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I agree with dcb31's suggestion of Alta. More terrain open with much better snow than PCMR, and Snowbird is somewhat limiting unless you're at least advanced intermediate. And ski instruction at Alta is excellent if you want that.
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