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The Big Toe

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Recent discussions about feet and balance etc made we wonder about the role of the big toe.

A friend has been having a big toe problem, probably caused by fashionable shoes and the medics are keen to remove the toenail and prevent its regrowth by burning its root (it is their policy to prevent the problem recurring although with enough care (and shoefitting etc) it could probably be persuaded to grow properly). She would end up with no big toe nail.

Does a toenail play any part in balancing etc and would its loss affect skiing?
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Of course! That's how you get a grip. [img]tongue.gif[/img] ---Wigs
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Although the big toe is very helpful in balance, the nail itself won't be missed once the nailbed is well healed. Nails are usually permanently removed only if the patient has chronic/recurrent ingrown or highly deformed nails. If so, permanent removal is often the best treatment. If the problem is not this bad then permanent removal may be overkill. Maybe a second opinion would be in order.
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that's very helpful thanks. One of the prices imo of socialist medicine is the conveyor-belt tendency; if the nail is a nusiance they will sooner take it off, even if it could be saved at a stretch, they would otherwise be snowed under by chronic cases lingering on. I just felt with someone young with no long term history (it does look like a recent 'shoe fashion' problem) it was worth trying to keep it, particularly with a girl, open toes shoes etc. Good to know it wouldn't adversely affect the balance, skiing etc.
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