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Too much up and down wiggle room in toe area

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Just got new Lange WC130's WC fit from '07, the bright blue ones. I have a question, can the space between the upper and lower toe area be reduced? Side to side is perfect. Just feel I have too much wiggle room up and down. I feel foam inserts won't last long, they will pack out quickly.

I have custom boot beds which I have used in the past with all my Lange boots.


I will take your ideas to my boot fitter.
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a thin bontex shim under the liner will do the trick, it will take up volume the full length of the foot but could be cut for just under the toes

or a dense foam/leather pad bonded to the liner on top of the toes
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Agree with Colin.

+ Not all fit shims/padding are created equal. I am a big fan of neoprene. You could use a full size tongue shim, laminated from the top of the tongue to the toe box. Or use the same neoprene, laminated above the toes to the top of the liner.

With overlap shells, I prefer lowering the roof with neoprene vs raising the floor with bontex. Another view, tongue shim = very elegant solution to drive the heel and foot to the back and bottom of the shell. Gives the shell back the retention power it had when it was new. Bontex or 5 iron bottom filler = taking up extra volume in a boot that is too big or wrong shape match to start. Raises the foot off the deck. Both = respected methods of reducing internal volume in a ski boot.

Neoprene is soft enough to compress, but returns to it's original shape for a very long time. Unlike most "fit aid" foam, neoprene has little compression, and very slow pack out. Sven Coomer has picked this material for the front half of all his Zip Fit liners.

IMO/JFWIW, If you can acheive control and hold down of the foot from the metetarsal heads back to the heel/ankle/instep up to the lower leg area and still have some freedom in the toebox, you are one lucky skier.

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Thanks, these suggestions are great.

Yes, the rest of the boot, around the ankle lower instep are a perfect fit, nice and tight, holds very good. Skied 3 days so far on these without any pain!
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Foot beds

How old are the footbeds? *if older than 5 yrs. replace w./ new
What sock are you wearing? *SmartWool PhD = double layer wool in toes could help reduce volume in that area without mods to boot.

Shimming is what I'd do assuming that shell fit is correct, sock and footbed have been inspected and found to be satisfactory. That Lange is a pretty Low Volume boot to begin with.
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I agree with Jim. There are many ways to fix the problem, but you have a problem many of us would love to have. Your foot should not be held in place by the toes. So if everywhere else the boot fits beautifully and your toes can flop around you should be celebrating extra frostbite protection on cold days. Enjoy!

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