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Denver car rental tips for 12/19 - 12/24 & ski racks.+

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My family is traveling to Summit Co. 12/19 - 12/24. The car rental prices that I find are astronomical! The cheapest I've been able to find is a full-size for about $260.00 for the 5 days. The mid-size, economy, and compacts are about the same price. Does anyone have any tips on how to get something a little cheaper?

On the same note we plan to rent skis at a local merchant in Silverthorne or Dillon since we will be going to a few different resorts. Are the car rental companies pretty good about renting ski racks? Any other tips you can offer on this?

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rentalcar.com I got a standard size car last week for $159 for 5 days.
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Originally Posted by BlueThunder View Post
rentalcar.com I got a standard size car last week for $159 for 5 days.
Wow! And I thought $250 for 5 days was not such a bad deal...

Live and learn. Thanks, BlueThunder.
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Check kayak.com for prices. Check often. Reserve, then cancel without charge if you find a better rate.

The problem with Priceline is that you've pre-paid for the car whether you use all the days or not. With a regular rental you only pay for what you use.

Also consider buying a ski rack at Wal-Mart in Frisco or in the Denver 'burbs along I-70...Lakewood?...or any other cheap store.
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Hmm... I have a standard size SUV from Enterprise for 8 days out of Spokane in February and with taxes I'm paying $227.53. Rates do change frquenly so I suggest you use a search engine and check daily. As mentioned previously, there is no cost to make a reservation and cancel it. I have probably made five different reservations to work the price down to what I have now. Hoping to get it even lower before we go!
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I second priceline.

I used the service to rent a Chevy Tahoe a few years ago in Denver for 2 weeks. We got it for less than a friend got a compact for a week. Our vacations overlapped.

Start your bidding real low you will be denied, that's ok. Then work your way upward in $$ until you get the vehicle or it costs too much for you.
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Idea for ski racks

It might be smart to price ski rack rental from the rental car co. vs. purchasing a rack from Sports Authority or Rack Attack or wherever in Denver or Summit County.

If you do happen to purchase a rack, one could sell it on consignment at the used mtn sports store in Frisco - Recycle Sports - next to Safeway and I-70. They will mail you a check when it sells.

Either way, the more research you do on the net before you arrive, the less hassles your trip will entail.

Edit: Or you could just keep your gear inside your vehicle with a smaller seat down if you have enough seating. I prefer this way. My equipment doesn't get that grimy road muck on them. It's surprising what little moisture can be on the road that the big rigs kick up onto your windshield/ski rack.
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5 day is usually the same as 1-week.

I've had good luck with weekly rental of a little over $200. But never had much luck with it comes to 4-5 days that are not span over a weekend. That's why I'm shocked at the $150/5 day deal!
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Sounds like what I'm seeing is pretty typical. I'm just used to renting cars for 7-10 per day when I travel - this is my first time going to CO though. Thanks a bunch!
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Many rental companies are offering ski specials right now that include the price of a ski rack rental... but it's always good to compare rates with and without the online deals. Often, the ski rack rental is not Free, just included in the price quote.

When searching for internet car rental specials, you can also try to check car rental rates using a discount code. There are hundreds of membership programs and professional associations that offer car rental discount codes to their members. You can find a list of car rental discount codes for 8 major car rental companies, at http://www.best-car-rental-tips.com/discount-codes.html
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