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New Atomic Binding System for 20009/10

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Got info on an a new Atomic biinding setup to be released for 09/10.

Atomic TiFlex:

Looks a bit analogous to the Fischer FlowFlex setup but the bindings sit on a seperate rail plate atop the flexing plate.

-- The plate can be canted left or right 1.5 degree.
-- Plate can be adjusted to increase or decrease ramp angle.
-- A switch in the middle supopsedly softens or stiffens the flex profile.

Will be offered as a stand-allone binding system and standard on high-end Atomic consumer models and race systems.

Pricing: Consumer models should probably be in the $300+ range. Binding systems should start appearing sporadically at select dealers in February. Full release starting in March.

Also, I hear Atomic plans to consolidate their binding models starting next season-- less variety and more utility. Atomic eventually wants to go to the new Flex system as standard accross the board.
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Sounds heavy and breakable.
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sounds interesting, like the idea of tuning canting and ramps, not a big fan of switches though - could have some good race applications, let us know when you have update, i'll see what i can find out too
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And race versions?

I recall rumours of a race version of the Neox from few years ago, yet the now ancient Ess-Var design is still the norm.
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Bumping this old thread...

I watched the WC slalom today and it looked like a couple of Atomic athletes were using a different binding than the standard 1018. Did my eyes deceive me, or are the 1018 neox bindings out there?
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Trying again
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ive definitely seen what looks like a neox binding on the feet of a few athletes on tv this year...

the next time our atomic rep comes in ill ask him and see whats up..
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There are a lot of binding claims, but few real leaps which alter the ski experience. Most new launches are standard model changes festooned with fancy names and catchy buzz phrases.

Once in a long while, a paradigm shift occurs. Marker's Duke, Baron, Jester, and Griffin changed the binding landscape.

I mostly skied on Neox in the past (3 pairs of Atomics). When I hopped onto a pair of new wide-toe Marker designs, they altered my experience on 80 mm + ski widths. They allowed my 85 mm AC50's to respond like skis 10 mm narrower. Unexpected.

Similarly, Duke and Baron re-defined what's possible in Alpine Touring.

This doesn't mean Atomic's new lineup isn't impressive. Just that Marker's benchmark won't be easily surpassed.
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