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Help! Where do I start?

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I know that it says don't ask about brands etc. but I need a place to start because finding ski boots is a huge problem for me.
My previous pair of boots is a nordica model (don't remember waht it's called), not a great boot, but it was the ONLY one that fit me. It is a comfortable boot, but I don't really get what I want out of it.

I have a manly small foot. It is wider than normal women feet, so women's boots don't really fit me that well, and I also have a very small foot (size 23.5 or so), so mens boots don't really fit me. It is actually mainly the bone that is right at the beginning of my big toe that is larger than normal, so finding shoes in general is a problem as after less than a day of walking it starts to hurt.

So what I really need to know is what brand makes wide boots for short feet? I can hardly find any mens boots in the right size, and often when I do, they are too small. I tried Salomon, and none of the boots I tried fit. I heard Fischer has really narrow boots, so I guess that's out of the picture.

I should probably say a little about what type of skier I am. I am a level 8-9ish skier, and I ski mainly on piste. I ski just for fun now.

I hope you can at least point me in the right direction although this might be a bit of a difficult question, and it specifically says not to ask these kinds of questions.

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you will not find a mens boot in size 23.5, what you need is a very good bootfitter and some patience, a good fitter will assess your feet, and find the closest boot to them, then the work begins, a foobed will support your foot in a natural posistion, then shell modifications will probably be needed to accomodate the big toe joint....all this is impossible to assess over the internet, i an not sure of any fitters in Norway, where are you skiing this year we may be able to point you in the right direction

good luck
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I agree with CEM. From your description it sounds to me that you have a bunion that needs room in the shell. 23.5 is not an unusual size foot for a woman and I can't think of a manufacturer that does not make boots in that size.

I think the biggest problem happening is that for some reason you can't find someone that knows how to work on your boots. They do exist and from the description here your problem sounds fairly basic.

So you ever ski away from your home base?

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