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Park City Dec. 20 - Jan 10

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The good news is I will be lucky enough to be in Park City for the holidays with my family this year. The bad news is no one in my family is all that good of a skier (well my dad is but he says he is a little old) and I always end up skiing on my own or sticking to the blues and greens all day. I am 23 from Dallas and love to ski though I don't get to do it as often as I like (not a lot of snow in Dallas, or hills for that mater). I don't want to give the impression that I am some ski god because that is not the case. I would consider my self about a level 7 for what ever that is worth. I haven't met a Black I can't handle (single that is) but I don't always look like a pro on the way down.

I was hoping to find some one to pall around with for a few days on the mt. maybe get a drink after a good long day on the slopes. Last year I spent some time up on McConnkey's and took a few turns in Motherload Meadows, It was right after a huge dump and was my first time in real powder that was over my knees. I wanted to go up to Jupiter last year but no one would go with me and well I don't like the idea of going alone. So If any one wants to pall around with a guy from Texas and explore the Mt. at PC let me know.

P.S. If any one has some suggestions on runs to head for or places to eat and drink at they would be appreciated as well.
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thanks for the tip cuff, gave them a call today and that sounds perfect for me. a storm is finally dumping on PC so I hope the bowls will be open by the 20th, what ever you are doing keep it up. always willing to put one back with a fellow Mt rider, so see you on the MT.
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Tex -- looks like I'll be flying solo in Alta/Bird from the 27th - 1st if you're interested in exploring LCC during that time period.
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