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Originally Posted by Phlogiston View Post
Any other suggestions besides Intuitions?
In all seriousness, I think they will help.
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Thin, dry, change. Repeat. I carry spares in my pocket. People laugh at me when I deboot and quick-change in the tram dock, but my feet are always dry, and hence warm.
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I wear silk socks.

they rule.

I've been skiing for 32 seasons. It took me 29 to learn which socks to wear.

That is all.
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Besides the excellent advice to not put on your ski socks until you're putting your boots on at the hill (and dry your feet first,) the thing that really takes care of cold feet is.....

boot warmers! I use hotronic boot warmers and can ski regardless of how cold it is. NO socks have every allowed me to do that without numb-big-toe-syndrome!
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Awesome! I get to restate things already said!

If you can wear two pairs of socks you boots are not fitting properly. Therefore, an Intuition liner would be a good solution to fix the fit problem and it is warm. While skiing your sock does not funtion as an insulator, it is meant to keep your feet dry. Get a thin (very thin) high quality non-cotton sock. I use the smartwool ultralight as it does a great job of wicking moisture off the foot, is comfortable and durable. Your liner is what keeps your feet warm and if your's is packed out it's not insulating well. Get new boots or a new liner
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Oh sweet warmth!

Years of race coaching, teaching and days spent on very cold mountains including Mont Tremblant and Lake Louise have taught me a couple of things. Most have been mentioned: Dry socks are important, Either wool or high quality synthetic are best, Put them on at the base of the hill, Thin is good, Loosen up buckles on the lift, wiggle the toes, Swing the leg(racer style), change socks at lunch if possible, a little drying foot powder helps too. An overboot on the side of a race course is essential on some days. I think my feet have suffered a lot from the cold and I believe the damage is permanent. I get cold feet quickly now and essentially they go numb which I can handle but the pins and needles at the end of a cold day is excruciating. I just sit back and put my feet in my warm hands and try my best not to cry. Sometimes they go bright red and somtimes white. I probably should invest in some boot heaters but haven't done that yet. I have heard pepper inside your socks helps too. Anyone know about that? I have a similar problem with my hands but have found that Patagonia glove liners have solved it. Those little capeline wonders keep me dry and warm, even under a light glove on -30 Tremblant days.
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Warmth comes from blood circulation, not socks. As said above, be sure you don't hinder the blood circulation with too-tight boots nor too many socks taking up space.

I prefer medium thickness synthetic "ski" socks. Thin ski socks offer better control, but less insulation. Thick socks feel spongy inside the boots.

Neoprene boot covers are a big help. There are at least two brands...Boot Glove is one. The aluminum foil covered thin insoles sold to help keep feet warm aren't much help. Try making your own...can't hurt, might offer a bit of help.

Chemical toe warmers work if there's room.

Hotronics electrically heated insoles are the solution when nothing else works well enough.
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Thank you all for the useful suggestions.

I'd have to drive a considerable distance out of my way to get Intuition liners; and now that I've finally got my Surfoots to fit comfortably, scrapping them would be a last resort.
As I may have mentioned, Monday was the absolute best 'first day' of skiing I've ever had.
Every adjustment of angle and pressure flowed from my legs through my boots to my skis, painlessly; I felt as if I'd skied 10 days already this season, and was at my peak. The very few instances of fear were caused by refrozen ruts hiding under a layer of machine made 'snow'.
The slightest motion of one knee took me through those unbalanced moments, effortlessly.
That shouldn't be thrown away lightly.
The socks I was wearing when my feet went numb were Smartwool. They may be worn out.
I will buy new socks; then I will consider all the other options.
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What are the warmest socks?

The ones that are sitting on Hotronics heaters. Put the thin heater membrane on top of your existing footbeds and you'll be happy.
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I've been wearing neoprene socks from Bike Nashbar over thin liner socks. Very warm and not too thick.
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If you have Surefoot boots the problem is with their liners.. I've heard time and time again about cold feet with the surefoot liner... I'ts a quality product (expensive) and the drawback seems to be warmth... I would also suggest heaters, they do work when it's really cold and nobody can ski when you can't feel your feet/toes... Good luck....
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