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ruptured bakers cyst advice

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Has anyone experienced having a bakers cyst rupture? It happened to me about 4 weeks ago and the knee is still swollen and stiff. If so, any advice on treatment or things I can do to to help the swelling go away or timeframe on how long you had to deal with it. Skiing season is here and I am sitting on the sideline. Thanks in advance for any advice
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I had a lot of problems with one knee last winter. Cyst involved, not sure if it ruptured, but felt like I had a golf ball imbedded in the back of my knee for about 4 mos. I rode a bike (real, or stationary) a lot since ski season ended and stiffness/swelling has subsided this summer/fall. I was under a doctors care, but other than an MRI to confirm no structural damage, he wasn't much help. Time and the cycling seemed to be the answer for me. I'm watching to see if it comes back. I've had to give up jogging. Arthritis is also involved for me. I used a knee brace to help with stability during ski season.
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