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instructors near Banff

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This is a great forum, a lot of good information in here.

My friends and I are heading to Banff for a week of skiing. Most of us are all pretty solid skiers however one of my friends has only been on skis twice. He used to be pretty athletic but has slowed down the last couple of years. Are there any good instructors in the Banff area that someone could recommend? We plan on skiing Sunshine, Lake Louise, and Kicking Horse.

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Gilper, when will you be there? There are a lot of great instructors in the Banff area. The best idea would be to book ahead of time and ask for a CSIA level 3 instructor. this way you are pretty much guaranteed a quality lesson. I worked out there 2 seasons ago, and although I don't know if its the same staff or not, I know that Lake Louise has some excellent instructors and a great learning area.
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Check out Ihavethesecret. He has a few posts on this forum.
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I guess he's game for forking out for private lessons. Any level 3 will do a good job as said above. Up at Sunshine Casey, Colin or Daniel will get him up to speed. At Lake Louise Dave Gilbert or Yves would both be good bets. Do him a huge favour and make sure you get him skis that are not railed. If you come see us at Ultimate we'll get him on a properly tuned pair of skis and that will make a huge difference. Check out for rates and selection.
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Thanks for the information. We will be in Banff the last week in January.

My friend has already been looking into lessons and has found some 'club ski' lessons that runs for three days with each day at a different area, Sunshine, Louise, and Norquay. It sounds like a good idea but I think private lessons are probably a better value. Is anyone familiar with the 'club ski' lessons?
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Club ski is a lesson and guided skiing type deal. There's some movement between groups the first day but after that you're sort of with the same people. Only skied twice in his life he'll be with mostly Brits still marveling at their first sight of snow. Also probably not with the most experienced instructor out there. It will be fine for the first day but once he gets back in touch with his misplaced inner athlete he may find the group holding him back. The Club Ski lessons are relatively inexpensive though. If he shells out for an hour private the first day and then works on his own the rest of that day and the next and then another private he'd probably bury the group he would have been in with Club Ski. He'd also have more hope of spending some social and maybe ski time with rest of your group. I repeat making sure he's on good skis is going to be as or more important than which type of lesson he takes.
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Caribou ski school offers a similar type of deal, and they actually pick you up at your hotel. Included in the lesson is a $20 gift certificate towards dinner or massage. All their instructors are CSIA 3 or 4.
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gilper; I used to work for club ski. They have a lot of level 3 instructors (the less experienced ususally teach the beginner groups, though) and 99% of their clients are British. In my experience, having one or 2 Americans in a group with 8 Brits just doesn't seem to mesh well. It is a great program but just maybe not right for your friend. Their instructors do teach private lessons, though. They have an office downtown Banff on Banff Ave. Ask for a lesson with Gerry, Atsushi, or Ryoko. They are all CSIA level 3s and great instructors. Try a full or half day private; he will learn tons more. Have fun!
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Why do these things always become a contest for who knows more. Frankly I don't give a crap. I worked with caribou Ski shcool the first 3 years it ran. They no longer have any level 4s there and I wouldn't say for sure they're all level 3s either. I've taught skiing in this valley for over 20 years and still do. Ryoko who was mentioned above was in tonight and I gave her boots to use since she apparently lost hers. Caribou Lodge does private lessons and can do that at any of the 3 hills but not on a set schedule I believe. All private and not the group or travelling deal that Club ski does. They are now run by the same people who run Club Ski along with programs at several other hotels. In the past you had to stay at the hotel to join in on the ski school, the rules for it are new this year and I'm not sure what they are yet. Phone calls and web sites could clarify that. The two other people mentioned at Club ski I don't know and I don't think they're there anymore. Yves who I mentioned earlier is at Lake Louise and can take whoever although he will probably be set up through Club Ski shortly as well. Dave Gilbert will work out of Chateau Lake Louise this year and I'm not sure if he can take outside clients. The other guys are at Sunshine and do mostly training and supervising but I believe they can be requested. Generally the Club Ski guys do requests for their group people from earlier in the week. Again a phone call or web visit can clarify that. January is still pretty quiet so there is flexibility. I'd take the guy out myself but they get cranky at me and starting on the lower mountain would make it hard to avoid attention. I gave you a website above and you can get a message to me from there and answer other questions if you like.

One other thing, for a fellow who has skied only twice and lost touch with his former athleticism. A full day private is too much for a guy like that both mentally and physically. I suggest an hour or 1/2 day then a chance to get some mileage which is important. The reason for the break from lesson the second day is often new skiers are pretty sore and groggy and it's a short day for them. The 3third day is when they're ready to really rock and stuff can really hit home. Play it by ear with how they feel and how the instructor judges them at the time.

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L7; I was in no way trying to prove you wrong or "outdo" you. I was just offering my $0.02 to gilper who asked
Are there any good instructors in the Banff area that someone could recommend?
Yes, all three of the instructors that I named are still at Club Ski. They may deal with another shop but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Once again, sorry for stepping on any toes.....
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L7, what makes you think this is a competition about who knows more? The spirit of this particular forum, is for the most part, about sharing information. Someone asks a a question, and if you have any info you give it out. Eventually it comes back to you.
Linux geeks call it gift culture! [img]smile.gif[/img]

If someone had said in response to your reply "you don't know what you are talking about", then I would see a competition.
Last year at Banff, Caribou's ski school brocheure said that they only hire 3s and 4s. You have informed us that it is now different. Where's the competition? I recommended i have the secret, since from his posts, you can tell he is a brilliant instructor.

so, what's the problem????? :

happy holidays! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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