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Oh no! Not another "Help me pick skis" thread!!!

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Sorry, I just couldn't find a match in previous posts. I need new skis and I have been out of the market for a few years, so I kinda lost track of what's out there.

Male, 40 y.o. 180# 5'8".

Expert, but without any formal training. What I mean is that I have never raced or taken any "levels". Here in the East, all I really enjoy are glades and moguls and only after a good snowfall. No grrens and blues for me. Of course I love powder, but that's when we get some... Otherwise I don't bother going.

I go out West every year and ski the bowls and chutes, but If the snow gets way too deep, I have no problem renting skis.

I don't like groomers. I don't like carving just for the sake of carving. I don't do any GS or fast burning down the hill.

So what I'm looking for is a ski that's wide enough at the waist to be able to float properly after a "normal" snow dump, handle crud OK, yet be short enough for those short radius turns in the glades. I really don't want a mogul ski per se, as long as it meets the above criteria, I'll manage without problems.

I'm guessing an all-mountain or freeride ski, around 165 length and around 80-ish at the waist would be the best choice.

Any thoughts and recommendations?

Thank you!
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I'm not going to go into specific models and brands but I think you're selling yourself short on length with what you want to do. I'm 5'5" and similar weight and ski a 176 all-mountain 89 waist twin. My carver is a 163 length.
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I agree you need to go longer at 180lbs. At least mid to high 170's for a ski that you want to ski in soft snow. I'm currently skiing a pair of 181 cm Head IM77's at 190 lbs and don't have any issue with the length. My new Fischer Watea 94's are 178's.

There are lots of high quality skis in the low to mid 80's width. IM82, Legend 8000, Watea 84, K2 PE, etc. etc.

Go and demo some skis and see what you like!

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Yes...agree with the others. If you want float you need length and at 180 lbs, you should be on something no less than 180. If you really are an expert then you should be able to coax shorter radius turns out of one of the myriad of strong skis that are out there. Remember that--particularly in soft snow--turning radius and speed is as much a function of ski shape and flex as it is length and width. You have the Mantra already and its a great ski. I assume you're looking for something narrower? If so, the list already presented is great one for a versatile all mtn. ski.
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welcome back Santa.

Head Monster 78 or 82 are the first skis that comes to mind. I have a pair of miss drilled IM78's that I would get aggressive on pricing with.

One ski was drilled for a Salomon Driver binding at a 315mm shell, the other ski has yet to be drilled. If you stuck with a Salomon binding, and have a 310-320mm shell, there wouldn't really be an issue.
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Unfortunately, it's very difficult to demo for me.

I'm pretty much narrowed down to two:

1) Rossi B 83 - I can get a good deal on last year's model. The shop has a 168 that I really came close to buying. They also have a slightly longer one (174, but not too sure)

2) K2 Apache Explorer (84 at the waist, I thnk it was). 170 length.

My impression: K2 seemed stiffer and heavier. Probably will hold better on ice and bust better through crud. Rossi was lighter and softer, so seemed a better choice to manoeuvre between trees and through bumps.

I don't think I want to go much more in length since I'm doing mostly glades and bumps.

I don't really care much for the pricing difference since I'll forget the $$ I saved much faster than I would forget skis I didn't like!

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Out of the two skis you listed, as an "expert" skier you need to look at the 177 Xplorer. They are stiffer and heavier because of the difference in core material-foam vs. wood/titanium. The marker binding setup makes them even heavier. I never liked the Rossi B 83. I think they are just an ok ski; they don't shine in any condition.
I think you would be more impressed by a dynastar mythic rider, a salomon fury or last year's atomic snoop daddy. All three are great performers.
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I think you should go longer. Really. I am 5'7 160 and like to ski really tight trees. I prefer a ski in the high 170's to low 180's. My CARVING skis are 162, but that's not what your looking for. I think a 178 Mythic Rider would be a good place to start looking if you can.
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OK, Thanks, I'll reconsider... I'll be back.
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What about Line Prophet 90s?

Sounds like they fit the bill.
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