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Snowbasin/Powder Mtn.

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How are things looking out that way? We are heading there on the 20th and although kind of bleak right now, looks like snow in the forecast through next Friday the 19th. I am hoping snow showers mean 6" each day. Any feedback as would be greatly appreciated.
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Well, Snowbasin is open with very limited terrain, but Powder Mt. relies 100% on natural snow and is not open yet. Both of these have received some snow from the latest storm, but not the amounts needed to open up much of the terrain.

That said, the weather pattern is set to change starting Saturday. The forecast models indicate that the high will move farther west off the coast allowing the cold air to flow down from Alaska/Canada. There are several systems lined up that should bring storms, but their exact track will be dictated by the location of the ridge.

It is too early to be sure, but the models and forecasts are indicating much colder temps and snow likely from Saturday thru mid next week (and possibly beyond). If these storms hit N. Utah, it will be feet vs. inches per day. Also, with the extreme cold temperatures, the lake effect will definitely kick in. The typical NW flow will benefit the LCC/BCC areas. More of a westerly flow will bring enhanced snow to Snowbasin/PowMow.
Time will tell.
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Guess I am glad I am not going to PowMow until February.
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Snow has dumped on both resorts and all around Utah. You would enjoy either!
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The Ogden area mountains have been favored by the recent storms. It has been incredible skiing the last few days especially. Another huge storm is arriving now & expected to last through tommorow. I asked about the Strawberry area at Snowbasin the other day & the response was: "Strawberry, we can't even find Strawberry. Once we find it we have to blow it up, then we'll be good to go." I would think It'll get dug out by Saturday.

Oops, it appears the OP is already here wallowing in the winter wonderland.

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