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Could anybody give me any advice on how to do frontflips and sideflips (lincoln loops)??
Please give me some answers soon!!!

Thanx, guys!!
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For me, front flips are easy to rotate, but hard to land, as you cant really spot the landing beforehand. If i were you i would choose a jump that is not too steep, but still throw you pretty high, then throw your head forward and kinda tuck it in toward your stomach, and if you get really lucky, youll land, worst case scenario is that you might land on your back. I would suggest trying it in powder before you do it in the park
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im hopin to stick a lincoln for the first time tomorow, so ill tell you what ive been trying. just throw your let arm over your head and hard to the right and throw yor head that way too. you will rotate upside down to the side, and you will just kind of naturally feel yourself going backwards, facing up the hill. the key is not to freak out in midair and land on your head, just keep going and stay commited. id really try to stomp the landing cuse i find it easy to overrotate them. also make sure you can land switch before you try it.
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