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70% east/30% west ski?

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Former PSIA L1 instructor (about 7 years ago back in High School).
~5'11, 160lbs
"Level 8" skier, whatever that means. (can ski pretty much anything in the east, like bumps but am not godlike, not very experienced with powder)

Ideal ski (yes, I know it's not all possible. the goal is just "close")
Fast, versatile carver - can lay down peppy mid-slalom turns but still crank out some energetic GS turns at high speed. Straight-lining not something I do.
Great edge hold on New England boilerplate
Quick edge-to-edge
Usable in bumps when I get the urge to kill my knees
Capable in powder for the occasional powder day out west

The idea is to get a good "all mountain" ski, leaning towards frontside, that can handle some bump runs and the occasional foray into powder on a dump day out west. In a couple of years I plan on adding a wider western/powder ski for my trips out west, but I want something that will carry me over until then.

On the short list to demo (all in about 170mm length)
Volkl Tigershark 10 PS (maybe a bit narrow...)
Volkl Tigershark 12 PS (worried about bumps on this one)
Volkl AC50
Head Monster iM 78 or 82
Nordica Jet Fuel (tried this last year and was a fan)
Nordica Top Fuel
Dynastar 4x4
Dynastar Legend 8000
Salomon Xwing Fury
Fischer Watea 78 Railflex
Blizzard Magnum 8.7 IQ

Any I can knock off the list to start with? Any I should add to the list? I obviously can't ski them all, so any help would be appreciated!

Anything from Solomon or Atomic would be great because I have access to industry deals with them, but it's not an absolute must (as long as the stock market doesn't crash TOO much!)
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A number of wider skis are nimble enough for the east and will really increase your smile factor in the west. Fischer Watea 84 and the Nordica Afterburner should be on your list, and espcially since you can get a great deal with SierraJim. http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=76585

He has some Top Fuels you won't beat in price as well.
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Forgot to mention, will likely be buying these skis late in the season (at least February if not March) - skiing in PNW late December (assuming any snow actually falls) for a couple days, then probably one or two weekends in Jan/Feb, then again in early March for a week in Breckenridge. Unless I find something I love early, I plan on buying either at Breckenridge or when I get back (stupid United baggage fees...)

Thanks for the suggestions though, I'll plop those on the list!
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