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Is my fit ok?

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Hi all
Recently got some new boots/first alpine boots. The dealer fitted em and molded the inserts and all that. They assured me the right fit is to be snug. I put em on today for the first time since picking them up and they were much tighter than I remember. I had to pull the shell somewhat apart in the middle and pull the tongue way out and they were still difficult and somewhat painful to get on. Once on they feel super snug but not bad once I lower my center of gravity. Taking them off is super stressful on the ankles. I normally wear an 8 to 8.5 in street shoe and these are a 24.5 Rossi boot. I know it's difficult to tell by description but I was wondering if this sounds ok?
Thanks for any advice!
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This sounds like a new pair of boots to me. After you ski them a few days they will pack out some and be easier to get on and great to ski in.

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your fine, just keep skiing em.

as long as they keep feeling better each time you are fine
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Thanks guys, First alpine boot so i just wanted to be sure.
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