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Lange Women's WC 150 Sizing Advice?

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Looking at a pair of boots for my daughter. She races on her high school team - this will be her second year. She was very competitive in her first year, last year, always finishing in the top four of 9-10 girls, many of whom were 2 and 3 years her senior.

She'd like a pair of last year's Lange World Cups. I've been shopping around for them, and they're fairly scarce. I'd look at this year's "Competite," but she says she wants the "blue ones" like (God help me) Julia Mancuso wears in her photos.

Her street shoe is a 7-7.5, depending. Her longer left foot measures at an even 245mm. My guess is a 23.5-24 would be about right, except that Lange advertises their boots in their own sizing scheme.

I know that a "5.5" WC 150 box is marked 23.5 on the outside (I've seen one) so I guess a Lange "6" would be a 24.0.

Do any of you know if Lange does the usual "2 sizes to a shell with different foot beds" trick in the women's WC shell? And if so, do you know if the shell sizes change with the whole or half sizes? In other words, are the shells the same for sizes 6 and 6.5, or for sizes 6.5 and 7?

I ask in case I run across the right shell with the wrong half size, since I'll be taking her to my local boot fitter (Jeff Bokum in Concord, NH) for custom beds anyway. I'd ask Jeff, but I feel bad calling him, since he's so busy right now.

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She's a size 5 Lange. The half sizes are redundant.

IMO that's a stiff boot, especially in a smaller size.
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Think I should look at the Juniors? they're easier to come by (not to mention cheaper.)

She weighs about 125 lbs.

Thanks again!

Out of curiosity though, in this boot, is the "150" the same flex relative to the men's WC 150? I thought I read somewhere that it was just a naming convention where the women's boots were concerned. Still, that's just my memory, and I'm as far from being an expert as can be.
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buy her a blue JR boot.

that will be softer and cheaper (and still blue)

that WC150 in a ZA might be OK for flex for her,
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Thanks again!

A trip to local stores revealed very little in the way of Lange. The biggest (Ken/Proctor Jones) seem to have dropped Lange for some reason.

Longer road trip tomorrow.
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If the Lange fit works the flex choices go like this:

WC Team 98mm last 100 Flex
WC 150 or RL 11 95mm last za =130ish zb=150ish zc=160+ish

New 08/09 WC 160 or RL 12 narrower than 95mm last and flex about the same or slightly stiffer than the WC 150

my .02, for a high school sophmore (not racing USSA or FIS) at 125 lbs, I would have you trying on a WC Team model.

The WC150 or WC160(RL 12) could always be softened, however more expensive and less versatile for sking around with friends and family.

At our shop, we carry every model, every size, every flex of these boots in either the Lange or Rossi colors. PM me if you cannot find the model/size locally.

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Thanks Jim, PM sent.

Getting nowhere fast, locally. NO ONE in NH seems to stock Lange any more. I have a call in to the Lange/Dynastar rep, but I'm not holding my breath.
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Thought I'd drop back in and thank all of you, for steering me clear of the WC 150, and to Jim for getting me the boots (WC Team 100) just in time for Christmas.

She'll be delighted when she sees them. I imagine her smile will quickly give way to a grimace as she tries to jam her foot in a near-properly-fitting boot.

Jeff Bokum will take it from there.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in this forum.

Merry Christmas!
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