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Too late to schedule a (pre-)christmas trip to Utah or Colorado?

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I am planning my first trip out west. We would like to go the week leading to Christmas, but if I can find deals I also would like to add the Christmas week and take an extended vacation.

Is it too late to plan for the Christmas week? Or is this year an exception in terms of affordability?

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You might get lucky around here. Bookings are way down so you might find some last minute deals.
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It's never too late. With the current economic mood and the weather, I would not be surprised if there were deals to be found.
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For sure you can get deals in Salt Lake. Stay in Sandy/Midvale at La Quinta or Super 8, or check Orbitz, or stay in downtown SLC if you are more prone to ski Park City, however those resorts are likely more crowded at this time. Drive to hotel in 30 minutes from airport and then drive to mtn about 30 minutes(or a tad less) to ski. I think you might actually be better off booking directly with hotel rather than package. But in SLC you are staying in town or suburb.

In SLC you will ski either one of the 4 resorts in the Cottonwood Canyons or one of the 3 in Park City. Generally PC resorts are better for intermediates but there is varied terrain at all.

For Colo, Summit County, you have to drive to the mtns from airport, 90 minutes, is more of a skiers atmosphere apres ski, even though that it is built up it isn't a metropolis. Although you have to suffer through the grime of going through Denver the long way. Colo is likely much more expensive and more crowded, but more people go there!
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Thanks for the replies. Is there such a thing as condos around Utah mountains? This would work better since there are three of us.
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there are condos, check out the back of a ski magazine. but you will need two rooms anyway and that is probably more expensive than getting two hotel rooms for less than 150/nt total with breakfast.
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Have you checked out www.vrbo.com for condos in CO or UT? Christmas week might be tough to find an opening, but who knows this year?
You can always book a suites type chain hotel in Dillon or Sandy and cancel if you find something better later.
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Kimball Junction in Utah is great location.

Check out Crestview Condo's in KJ.
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I just heard on the radio this morning that Summit County is currently showing a 23% decrease in overnight bookings from last year.
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I bet you can find something just about anywhere.


Based on current conditions, I think I'd be looking at Colorado or Banff.
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Narrowing this down to Utah now. Can get reasonable accomodations in SLC, but not close to the mountain. How likely is it that I get stuck in SLC and not be able to go skiing because of a snow dump?
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