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Video for MA Submitted Aug 03

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Conditions: end of two VERY tiring days on snow. Outside the groomers, slope angle about equal to a red run, I guess. Snow: frozen and uneven/cut-up (on a scale of 1: perfect to 10: most awful, I would guess around 5-6).

That is definitely defensive skiing, my quads had gone and I was just trying to avoid building up speed. Also shows my standard feet-together style.

The skier will remain anonymous for now

The skier has the following question:
If he comes to the EpicSki Academy, what would be the areas where he could benefit most and what strong points (if any) in his current skiing could he build upon?

video clip
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With all my qualifications, I think I'll give an answer...
It looks like he is skidding the turns, most likely as a way to reduce speed.
A better solution, which he would probably learn at the Academy would be to carve the turns through to completion.
By completing the turn, he will lose speed without having to skid.
I think he may also need to get a bit further forward on his skis.

(and after all that, hopefully someone more qualified will step in and correct my comments!)

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IF I Were an ESA coach, (first of all I would have a chance to speak w/da man(?) about what e wants and ski wid im more.

but given this vid it looks likely that we would work on using the ski above the fall-line, getting some turn shape up there so e can 'ride' the ski through more of the turn so e can ski faste(if e chooses) w/more control.

How?? Well there are so many ways to do it it really depends on what suits the person best.

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Those are good 1970's short turns, anonymous. You're turning the tails uphill to start the turns.

At the EpicSki Academy, I'll bet you would hear a lot of stuff about turning the fronts of the skis and letting the tails follow through, about steering the inside ski instead of just standing against the outside ski and about turning uphill if your intention is to slow down, not push the tails downhill.
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Is it just me, or are there double pole plants?
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Dchan- The question of what areas this skier would benefit at ESA I think is confidence, correct application of skills, tactics, versitility.

Unfourtanitly the video clip did not work for me, all I got was 2 still images. Given how you described the conditions and fatigue this is a skier pushing there limits to get better. There is no better way to stretch your limits and improve then to ski with others doing the same thing. The academy would provide this. As a coach I would work on movements into the turn and activity of both legs. It appears that thier is a closed stance with dominate weight shift to outside. More use of edging and controling the arc with the inside leg is needed. I would work with tactics and application of skills. We would play around with skiing the different textures of snow we could find and try skiing them different ways. We would work to play in the condition and not just survive it!

There is a lot of good things to work with on this skier. Most important there desire to improve and challenge themself.
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....maybe a touch more attention to balance...and using his inside ski(good observation Todo!) would help his skidding attempts a little more....?

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Far from me to point any fingers but,it look like his stance was a bit narrow. Pretty smooth skier just needs to change his tech. some.
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That was me in the video.

Thanks to all for the tips. This video was submitted as an afterthought, having sent dchan the two indoor ones. WTFH, this was at the end of the second White Peaks challenge day, so due to the tiredness I was just skiing in my most defensive mode. But this is when one's technique errors become most glaring, so comments are really helpful.

If anyone wants to comment on the two indoor skiing videos, where I was trying to get closer to a proper carve, I bumped the topic.
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