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I certainly had no complaints about SR when I was there last Spring - however I can't compare it to SL since I haven't been there yet (will take care of that in March mind you). I didn't find SR very crowded when I was there. Certainly there were points that were more congested like Barker and South Ridge. However most other places were practically ski on even on the weekend (granted it was quite late in the season).

The comment about swells felt pretty right though - particularly over off of Oz if I recall correctly. Fun but get too much speed and you find air quickly. Either way I had a great time there and would certainly go back - but from what I hear if you can only hit one place in Maine you have to make it Sugarloaf.

(btw - the lift system at Sugarloaf seems a bit strange to me too at a glance. For instance there are green runs like Upper Timberline that can only be gotten to via blue runs from the look of it. It may play out better on mountain but the map makes it look a bit strange.)