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board, boots and binding help, please

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I am looking for a set up for a new 19 y/o rider for here on the EC. She's
5'1" and about 120lbs, looking for an all mountain board. Any links or recomendations would be helpful. Nothing top of the line, good quality.
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Hey Finndog,

You should get a great deal of useful input by posting this at Shred Betties. There are many women riders there from around the USA. Don't worry, guys post there too.
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thanks!!!! Any good shops here that you recommend? I like to spend my $ here.
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In Colorado, Steamboat, or online? is probably one of the best places to buy women's gear online. I just got a utterly fantastic deal on some new demo boots. I don't normally recommend buying boots online but these are the same model I've been riding the past few years. Already tried them on....same nice fit. is always cooking up great deals. I have to buy guy boards & bindings though. I destroy women's gear. I picked up a new board and Burton P1 bindings for $238.00 last month. It was a crazy last minute thing that Mike cooked up during one daily giveaway. I thought about it for a few hours and then pulled the trigger. also has some great gear there. They are currently listing a snowboard that I would just LOVE to buy but cash is kinda tight right now. They currently have some nice quality women's boards and bindings at great prices listed on their site.
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Don't forget, the Tramdock of snowboarding, if you're buying online. Got some sweet Burton bindings for only $45 for my girl a month ago, and they have a good selection of boots and boards, too, both female-specific and gender neutral.
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