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ill try it. she picks stuff up very fast,,,,, i just dont want her to get any of my bad habbits from 20yrs ago. Im thinking about getting her a lesson just so she dont learn anything "wrong" from me... thanks
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Another thing for her to try would be to focus on her fore-aft foot position when in traverse: ask her, if she's going right, which foot's in front, which knee is bent more? Then it's logical that in order to change that she needs to step forward with the left foot but only - while the skis are flat and pointing down. Then tell her to turn her pole into the point of the compass as her skis are the pencil end of it.
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See SMiley7----

Good skiing so far. To decrease the size of the wedge---a hard concept for a 5 yr to understand. Just have her start jumping...jump, jump, jump....then jump, turn, jump turn...find little spots..2" tall to fake jump over. Jumping both moves her hips forward, body forward and then unlocks the wedge.

Bend and stretch, reach for the stars......

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes......You know the tune. Sing and ski...touch and move....this unlocks everthing.
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Wow, lots of good suggestions already. Looks like you have gotten her off to a great start. Do remember her center of gravity is still around her shoulders . A couple of ideas however that I like. I often have my snow monsters sing/do head and shoulders,knees and toes as we go down the hill to get forward. A hoola hoop as a guidance tool can be handy if she isn't getting the feel of your motion. She may be past that already however. Jumping as she traverses will pop her into a begining matching position also. Mostly have fun and she is clearly doing that.
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Even though a smaller wedge and is your target, it may be necessary for her (physically) to ski in a wider wedge for now. So don't worry if she needs to do that for a while. At that age the proportionate weight of their head to the rest of the body is greater, so they tend to be "top heavy". Just make sure you keep her on gentle enough terrain that she isn't forced into a larger wedge. I think the overall number one mistake is taking them on terrain they aren't ready for too soon.

At around age 6 their bodies start to catch up and you can focus more on narrowing the wedge and getting towards parallel.
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