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Xmas in New England

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As I get the week btwn Xmas and New Years off, The Boy and I usually take a ski trip after doing the holiday thing with the fam. I know it isn't the best time for it, but I can't pass up the free vacation days.

So, this year we're planning on meandering our way around NY/VT and even up into Canadia.

Thought I'd see if anyone wanted to help give me ideas on places to hit on the way up or give me thoughts on the few places we are currently thinking of checking out, especially with reference to snow quality that time of year.

Plans on working our way up to Tremblant since we have so much time, I know it can get crowded and expensive and is Disney-esque, but is it worth it for a day or so? Will it be too insane during the holiday break?

We would probably also hit some of the Quebec resorts on the way up there, maybe Massif and St. Anne since we haven't done those before? We skiied in southern Quebec a few years ago but never made it to the other resorts.

Also considering some VT resorts. I want to do Stowe but heard the Xmas ticket prices are in$ane so think I'll save that for later in the year. How is Sugarbush for snow quality early on? Smuggs? I know MRG doesn't have a ton of snowmaking capabilities... is it worth it going there that time of year or should I save that for later in the season too?

We are aiming to get a lazy 6 days of skiing in with a few day breaks for driving, and plan on making no plans and if necessary sleeping in the car but if possible just booking a random hotel room. What are the odds of there being any random hotel/motel rooms available over Xmas break?

Thanks in advance!

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Know what you mean about Holiday skiing, despite the drawbacks, you gotta ski with the kids when you can. This is shaping up to be a good early season for the East. Since you appear to be doing this trip on the fly, you might be able to wait pretty late to commit to an itinerary based on where the best snow is and meanwhile look for any emerging discounts. Possible VT crowd beaters: Bolton Valley, Burke, and Mt. Ellen part of Sugarbush, all in the same part of N. VT, not far from Stowe. Sleeping in car is hardcore, esp in the cold of New Year's timeframe. I think you can usually find vacancies at chain motels along Interstate highways in between ski areas. Le Massif is beautiful skiing with a lot of character and probably another decent crowd beater. The dollar is doing better recently in Canada and lift prices are less then US anyway. Nearby Quebec City would be a very lively place to tour on an off day during the Holidays.
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Hit Whiteface on the way up, go to Burlington for lodging, then Smuggs ,head up to Montgomery Vt stay at grandpa grumps, hit Jay, back to grumps that night, next day Mt. Sutton and on north.
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Lola and I will be skiing out of Okemo the 25-27th.
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xmas break skiing is totally contingent on natural snow. if there is none, then stick with okemo. if there is good natty, then you can venture else where.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Phil, I am not sure we will head to Okemo this time as we are planning on a kinda last hurrah for the New England area (hoping to move out west after the wedding next year) and are hoping to get to some areas we have not been before... of course as bwb mentions we may not have a choice depending on how the weather is.

Probably heading up to Okemo for the Diva Day in Feb though!!

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