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Help with ski size/ type

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I’m a 36yo 200lbs male. I grew up skiing in the Midwest I skied Rossignol 4S, 4G, 7S.. 198-205 cm. I have only skied a few times in the last 10 years. I am living in Wisconsin and would like to start skiing more again, but I'm having a hard time knowing what to get for skis. All groomed runs and a lot of ice. Do I need a narrow tip? Under 106 cm wide???

Thanks for any help.
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Hi mxjess. Welcome to Epic. It's a great place to learn about most anything to do with skiing.

I might suggest that you ask yourself a few questions regarding where you will be skiing, types of terrain you like, and your ability. Then hunt around in the gear review forum and get a feel for the different types of skis available. There are some prolific and very well informed posters around here. A pair of examples are SierraJim and Dawgcatching. You'll be able to figure out what type of skis may best suited to your particular needs or desires, Carver, 50/50, Powder boards, big mountain death sticks and etc.

When you get the chance to ski, head to a reputable shop, talk with a (hopefully) well-informed staffer, and demo a few skis in various lengths to help you get an overview of what's available, and eventually find what suits you best.
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I live in Wisconsin and ski on the new Head Monster IM78. Where you plan on skiing??

Skis have come along ways since you last skied on a regular basis. Also depending on the hills your skiing you'll find with the improved grooming equipment that you'll rarely find much ice unless its the start or end of season. Otherwise a very skied over area. I was like you and took about 7 or so years off of serious skiing (got out about 2 times a year or so during that time). Now I ski as much as possible. Biggest thing I notice was that alot of ice issues are gone on any hill they take care of.

On to skis. What kind of skier are you or what are you trying to become?? You like quick turns, GS turns, jack of all trades kind of ski, moguls, park, etc. etc..

If you stick mainly to groomers and venture off trail now and then I'd look for like a mid fat carver (Head Magnum SS, Dynastar 4x4, etc.). These usually are about 66 to 72 underfoot. If you plan on hitting up like Mt. Bohemia or Porkies in the UP and maybe a trip out west once a year or every other year I'd look more into an all mountain ski that performs well on the groomer (ie: Head IM 78). For the midwest you'd be looking at something in that 72 to 79 under foot. Your weight look at something about 174 to 183 range. Don't be shocked at the length. Skis today are quite different. If your a stronger skier can go to the longer length of 183ish other wise if your an avg. skier I'd stick in that mid 170's range and nothing smaller then 170.

Demoing is always the best but in the Midwest here that can hard to do with out renting 10 pairs of skis and spending $300+ on doing it. I know a few hills do run some demo days but usually its only one company and sometimes two. Kind of defeats the purpose on some level. So read up on reviews. That way you can narrow it down to few skis you really want to look at and try.
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I live in Eau Claie so Granite Peak, Christie Mt, Spirit Mt, Wild Mt......Thanks for the info
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