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Skis for Tahoe bumps & groomers?

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I'm 5'8", 155#, age late 40s, quite fit male (ack! sounds like a personal ad -- I'm taken).

I Ski exclusively at Tahoe. I like to ski the bumps and chutes (Gunbarrel & Motts @ Heavenly, Scott's @ Alpine) but I also ski the big groomers (Alpine Bowl; Northstar's backside, Sierra-at-Tahoe). I don't get to ski fresh powder much, but I seize the opportunity when I can. I'm too old to do freestyle.

When I read ski descriptions, they talk about on-piste/off-piste or front-side/back-side, whatever the heck that means. I would say I ski 40% steep/bumps, 50% groomers, and 10% Sierra powder.

My current skis are 2001? Salomon X-Scream which are fun in bumps, usable in powder, but don't hold a good edge on a fast, hard groomer. I've tried old Volkl Supersports, which worked great on hardpack, okay on bumps. Also tried Volkl Tigershark 12foot... super fast on hardpack but too much work in the bumps.

Any constructive suggestions?
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Are your sure your edges are sharp on the x screams, they should hold great on hard groomers.
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Hi Kermit. Welcome. Tahoe likes skis with some beef, and if you like day-old and crud along with the bumps, would suggest something in the 80's, not the 70's. Such as: Blizzard 8.7, Elan 82Ti, Salomon Fury, Atomic Crimson Nomad. Of these, the Fury will be the best in bumps, soft snow, and closest to the feel you have now, the Blizzard will be closest to a Volkl feel but lighter and easier to initiate, the Elan will be the strongest in crud (although all good), and the Atomic or Elan will be the grippiest on ice, Blizzard close second, Fury last. At your size, go for the shorter lengths in Blizzard and Elan, mid lengths in Nomad and Fury. Oh, and if you want to stay with Sollies but improve the grip, put a carving plate on the Fury's and set the edges to 1/3.
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When you suggest "something in the 80s", do you mean the width?
What about tip, tail, and radius?
Actually, I don't like to ski crud. Maybe I've never had the right ski.

Unfortunately, I'm not up to speed on current geometric fashion. It was much easier when skis were straight and we just chose length!

Regarding edges of my X-Screams, I have the edges sharpened every 4-5 ski days, so they are fairly sharp. Of course, they've also been "sharpened" by a few rocks over the years

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I like my Furys (which I keep wanting to spell Furies, maybe Fury's...) in the trees and/or on ungroomed snow where quick turns and a teeny bit of flotation is nice -- they're fun in Mott's -- but I also still have my 198 Bandit X, ca. 2000/2001, which are more stable at speed on open or groomed runs, but suck on Gunbarrel.

(I took the Bandits to get tuned & have some chunks filled-in, and felt that I should issue a disclaimer, that my other skis were Furys, before I pulled them out of the bag.)
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X-Screams Are a bit Lacking

Last time I skied a pair in 184 Length, I continuously over powered the Ski.

You can do much better

I would Recomend the Dynastar Mythic Rider in 178

Now That Sierra Jim is at the Staurt Haus in Truckee (And Has Some great Deals)

I would talk to him

He is here on this board. (JIM)?
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He is here on this board. (JIM)?

I would suggest that you not get consumed by dimensions, turn radii, and other statistics. While these have an effect, they are not definitive. A good starting point for the discussion would be the Fischer Watea 84. This is a light and nimble ski with a roughly similar personality to a Salomon but with better edge grip and dampening.

An alternative is the Nordica Afterburner. This is a little more suited to hard snow than the Watea but is a bit heavier. Given your relatively light weight, you could ski the AB in a 170 but you would be better suited by a 176 in the Watea. That length difference would mitigate the weight of the AB.

Bot skis have the same 84mm width but differing statistics. Those numbers however, are largely irrelevant in defining the differences.

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