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Ear pads...g10mx

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Just got a G10MX helmet...I cant manage to get the ear pads out to replace them with tuneups. The manual says "carefully pull earpads staight up and out from the snap-lock slots anchoring them to the helmet." The diagram is worthless too. Im generally pretty good at figureing stuff out but can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks.
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Mine just pulled straight out. Granted, I felt like I was tearing them out and thought that I'd break them. The tab that holds them into the helmet has ridges that grip pretty well. I just set the helmet on a table (top down) and pull firmly straight up on the ear pad.
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Give em a good yank.
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I just got my G10 last night and thought the same thing. Read the instructions, started pulling and felt like I was going to break something. Read the instructions again and then just kept pulling harder until they came out. It feels like something is about to break but that's how it's supposed to be I guess.
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Alberto did a better job explaining it then Giro. I sat it on the floor top down in front of the couch, sat my happy backside down on the couch...place a foot on the front and one on the back of the helmet and started to pull strait up on the ear piece. Came out like a champ. I just needed to quit nancying it. Thanks for the help.
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