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I just purchased a pair. I really like the fit and I have been wearing Oakley for years. I do not notice much difference though in the two lenses. Is anyone using different lens's other than the ones that come standard?
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I got to try these during a beautifully sunny day at Jay Peak today. I'll probably need to glue some more foam to the nose area to make up for my lack of a nose bridge, but otherwise, these were phenomenal.

Crystal clear optics, no fogging and I had a good seal with my Giro G10 without having to get something to extend the goggle straps.
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 I have been thoroughly happy with my Smith Turbo Fan goggles, but  they can be an issue when the light changes.

I purchased a pair of smith sunglasses with the easy change lenses for mountain biking, which changed my visibility tremendously


So........the past few days, while skiing, I've been having more issues with my old eyes adjusting to light changes.....perhaps its time to invest in these as my back up goggles.


^^^^^^ sheesh it seems like I'm rambling, but that is how things are rolling around in my head at the moment.  Its interesting in there. 


What lens do you find you use most in your Smith I/O?

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