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Binding - Flat on Ski or Raise them

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I bought the wife a NOS set of 146cm K2 One Luv skis. Should I have the ski shop mount the binding flat or use a riser.

Her current Volants have the Marker 6.2 with a riser plate.

Her stats..

34yr, 110 lbs, Not a beginner but striving to be advanced. She skis the blue goomers without too much issue. No bumps or steeps.

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I think these should have a bit of lift.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
I think these should have a bit of lift.

I think it should be mounted flat
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I think the skis are too short.
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I don't think she will notice a difference.
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The lift serves two purposes:

1) To decrease 'boot out' when the ski is tipped over at extreme angles (or more moderate angles in soft snow/bumps).

2) To increase mechanical advantage re. tipping the ski over (there's a good chapter in Ron LeMaster's book that covers this).

One consideration relevant to point 2) is that lots of lift on someone who is already knock kneed will tend to 'undercant' them. So, considerations for your wife include her skills (how far inside the arc can she move) and her natural alignment (if she's bowlegged, add a lot of lift ).

Lastly, I agree with Karpiel. If she's a decent intermediate skier (linked basic parallel on blue terrain), get her on something longer.
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Can you give us a little more detail on your wife's level of skiing and in what conditions she typically skis? (East Coast hard-packed, or West Coast powder, etc.?)

Even without that info, I'm leaning towards recommending the riser plate be mounted. If your wife is striving to become advanced, she'll start to carve more, and having a riser plate helps a lot on parabolic skis. When I got my first pair of parabolics, some old K2 Threes, they did not have a riser plate. Occasionally, on steeper slopes at faster speeds, I would 'boot out,' as jdistefa says. I would be on my edges at such an angle that I ended up on the side of my boots...and as you can imagine, that would end up in me skidding out and having a nice big yard sale. Once I installed risers, however, that extra height below the sole gave me a few more degrees on my edge, preventing any sort of boot-out.

Though you say your wife doesn't ski the steeps, it's possible to boot-out like that–even on blues–if you're on enough of an edge. I personally can't think of any major disadvantages of having the riser installed, but perhaps others more knowledgeable on this forum can put in their $.02. For that reason, however, I would say that it won't hurt her to have the riser installed, but it could hurt her to NOT have it installed, even if it's not until later on...get my drift?
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Originally Posted by karpiel View Post
I think the skis are too short.

How tall is your wife?
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I think you should just mount the frickn bindings so these trolls won't have anything else to pick at .
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A common practice I see around the industry these days is that lifters are being used for bindings on carving skis for frontside skiing, groomers, hardpack, ice...

and people are going with a flat mount for fat skis being skied on the back side, soft snow, powder, etc.

For carving on hardpack, having the extra leverage of a lifter plate on a skinnier ski makes sense; whereas, keeping your foot as close to the ski base as possible on a fatter ski in soft snow seems to be the conventional wisdom.
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2 places to avoid risers: park and deep snow.

Your post indicates she doesn't ski these.

Put risers on her skis.
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The wife is 5'6" , 110lbs and is not bowlegged. She is quite a package but aren't they all.

I agree about longer. I also looked at the Burnin Luv and Nordica Victory but did not think she was ready for that ski. I think this will be a big jump from her old Volants. I could not go wrong for $130.

We mainly ski in Michigan and my goal it to get her good enough to enjoy a week our west. When she advances I am sure she will know what type of ski she wants. $$$

Currently she is cruising with our 5 yr old son and I am getting lots of green slope time with the 3 yr old daughter. I can already see the daughter will be the better skiier.. she listens and turns and he is all about going fast and jumping.
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