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Video for MA - 05

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Here is a clip for you all to play with.

This is on a very steep, cut up, calf to knee deep heavy crud, Baldy Shoulder at Alta.

The skier will be left unknown.

video clip

Have fun
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For starters, a defensive skier who does not commit to the fall line. Hands very low and back, skier is back.
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agree with Lucky, also it's noticeable in the turn before skier's demise that skier is caught on inside/uphill ski and hasn't properly shifted pressure/weight/emphasis

backseat driving is loading the tails and making speed increase faster than skier likes

rearward hands prevent good centered weight

skier needs to learn to trust gravity's pull and get hips and hands forward while leaving feet where they are.
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I'm not an instructor but I think the videos are great so I'll contribute with a view to keeping them coming.

I perceive the following require work;

1. The skier is initiating turns by making a small up initiation while lifting the inside ski and sitting back. He/she should instead focus on initating down the hill more (ie getting forward more).

2. The hands need to be more forward, and perhaps even a little wider (without being too proscriptive). Wider hands may assist in balance. There is also some indiscipline with hands dropping down and falling behind. Also, on one or two turns the skier reached forward and across when pole planting, squaring them up to the hill. More hand discipline.

3. There is a little too much one footedness for the snow conditions. A slightly more two footed stance may help.

4. More aggression will have helped in those conditions, and also would probably have helped bring the skier more forward on their skis, and put their arms/hands in a more balanced position.

All that makes it sound like there is heaps wrong with this person's skiing when there isn't. As a sign of modesty I can indicate I'm working on many of the things I've mentioned here myself.
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This is good.

For those of you that are instructors, Think of this as an "exercise" for MA..

How about a quick profile, and an action plan? What are you trying to fix and in what progressions would you use.
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Again, as a non-instructor, but with a view to progressing the thread I'll offer my suggestions.

In no particular order I'd do some of the following;

* Get on some groomed snow and work on a greater range of motion throughout the turn.

* Do some exercises which focus on getting the hands in a forward, balanced position. Things like skiing with pole baskets dragging next to bindings I'd guess would be good.

* working on getting the skier more counterrotated, which I think will have helped in those conditions. Using the "TV screen" exercise or the "snap the gorilla" or any myriad variations would help.

* Working on having the skier cross over more at initiation rather than directly up unweight. I can't think of exercises for that.

* Have the skier ski softer snow at a more moderate pitch with feet closer together to get the feel of that sensation before sending them back out to the filmed pitch (which seemed to induce some fear).
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As another non-professional instructor, two errors: stiff legs fixed in the semiflexed position and backseat driving.

On the plus side: parallel skiing, excellent fluidity of motion and good use of poles, especially timing. The guy is not intimidated by the slope, but obviously upset that he is out of tools to attack it. Level 6/7 ?

Suggestion - take advantage of the good and give him shorter poles to force his body into a lower stance and softer boots to make it possible, and he will do this slope as if it had been a green groomer.

I was making same errors several years ago. Then I switched to 44" poles from 48", and by the end of that season I was cruising on crud and smoking moguls. Now my poles are 46", but the basic correction has been made.

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