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WOOO! First time on scott p4's 07-08 Version

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So this weekend at vail I had the pleasure to ride my Scott p4's for the first time. I rode the 191's in this model http://scottusa.com/product/23/28/p4

SPECS- 191cm 138mm, 108mm, 127mm according to the site. I have not measured them but they seem pretty close.
Mounting was 2cm back from core center
Conditions-Vail back bowls untracked until about noon
Rider- 6'3" 190lbs Confident level 8

Lets start from least favorite conditions to powder. I am going to rank the different terrain on on a scale of 1-10. 1 being a k2 pontoon in moguls or huge bumps, 10 being pontoon in Powder.

Bumps- 3.5, suprisingly they were not as bad as terrible as I thought they would be. Since they are 191's obviously they were hard for me to get turned around.

Hardpack/groomers- 5.5 Here I was a little disappointed but was kind of expected. They hold an edge decent but on stuff that is scraped out it takes a lot longer to come to a decent stop than your normal pair of skis, obviously. Although I think the length helped in this catagory it would be even harder to get an edge on the smaller lengths.

Chopped powder- 7.5- This ski imo is a typical stiffness of skis comarable in demension. I would have liked it if the ski was maybe a little sitffer in some situations but is still by far my favorite ski in my quiver for chopped up powder.

Powder-9.5 Since I only have my head mojo 90's as a comparable ski to base this rating off of. It was night and day as far as those two skis are concerned. The tip and tail of the ski have huge rise in them(not rocker but more of a tip than most). With the size of the ski I realized that I had purchased a ski that out preforms me in powder. These things CHARGE. I mean they get up so fast its scary. I was flying by my riding partners and the skis gave me the confidence to do speeds in powder I would never have done on any of my others. Since they are rather large and I have them pretty close to center mount I was able to ride the ski like I would on groomers.

Air and Landings 9- Although vail only had a fiew small rock drops I was still able to get air born. The 108 underfoot helped alot with landing and it almost seemed like cheating. The reason these didn't get a perfect score was because of the weight. I have them mounted with marker m14's which aren't light.

Thanks for listening and anymore details you want just PM me!
oh and here is a little face shot for ya.

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Glad you like them. They are a really fun ski.
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Looking forward to mounting mine up and getting on them... once we get some snow.
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