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Ok, one of my neighbors took a look at the ski rack in the garage and decided anyone with that many skis must know a lot more about them than he does. He's asked me for advice for his wife and I know nothing about women's skis. Here's the particulars:

About 50, 5'4 150, works out a lot so is pretty fit and strong.
Has been skiing for a while but not very serious until last year when they moved to Keystone full time.
Skis mostly blue groomers at an intermediate level, some carving, some skidding.
Her last buying experience resulted in a pair of low end skis in 150 which now makes her timid and afraid (heck, I'd fell the same way on those)

Point me in a good direction. Christies at Keystone has a decent demo fleet but the sales help seemed less than stellar the last time I talked to any of them. I know they have a bunch of the K2 women's line.