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Uvex Lasergold Lite - other non-Oakley goggles for flat light?? - Page 2

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The Scott amplifier is my favorite all around lens. The light needs to be really flat before the contours of the hill become obscured. It looks like the smith rc36 from the outside, but from the inside its the closest I've seen to a polarized effect with more light transmission than a typical polarized lens. That said, I couldn't get any scotts to fit with my giro fuse, so I'm stuck with a prodigy. Anyway, I find anything but rose to brown tints distracting so for a dedicated flat light lens I stick with the scott light amplifier or the smith sensor mirror.
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So, I just received my second pair of Smith Prodigy's with the Gold Sensor Mirror. I'm going up to Whistler on Tuesday, so we'll see how they work in the PNW weather conditions and flat light...
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I bought a second Smith Prodigy, this time with the sensor mirror. I was very impressed in very low visibility conditions. One thing I did not like is that water droplets on the outside of the lens kind of take on a somewhat distracting pink color. Other than that they were great. I never thought I would spend the extra money, but I am now a devotee of carrying two pairs of goggles with different lenses.
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After a week or so in typical VT conditions along with some very dense white-out type windy snow days, bottom line is:

Smith Sensor Mirrors = big improvement in flat light, the choice for solid gray days. Couldn't find a (reasonably priced) HI yellow solution so these are good enough and don't burn me out if it happens to clear up.

Bolle Modulator = choice for sunny or variable days. Not quite as clear in flat light as the Smiths, but when the clouds are blowing in and out or you go from the sunny side to the shady side of the hill, you just forget you're wearing goggles.
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Originally Posted by CJO View Post
OT- I'll have to disagree with the BMW opinion. I've been driving them since I was 18. My first was a 318i that I drove to 200k. My second was a 635CSi that I flipped (sold), wish I still had it. I'm currently driving a '95 530i with close to 200k miles and have had no real problems with it. And, I just got my wife a 330i. I've tried many other brands of cars, and BMW is made better than any of the other cheaper brands I've tried.

I cannot agree more. I have owned American cars, Japanese cars, Italian cars and German cars. BMW is by far the absolute best ever. Made for people who like driving. Great performance, extremely well built and very dependable. I bought my last one new in 2001. I have only had to change oil, filters and tires (other that the speeding ticket at 135 mph in Wyoming ). Still no squeaks, groans or other noises. Just like new.
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