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The word for 2004

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I know a few 2004 skis have already come out. Regarding the entire 2004 line, does anyone know of any one ski that has been getting some hype? For instance, this year, it seemed like the supersport 5 star was the "hot ski to have" throughout the season and even before it began. Can we expect the same hype for another 2004 ski yet to be released? Just wondering what all you gear heads have heard.
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Check Peter Keelty's site, www.techsupportforskiers.com. He has a review of the just recently released 2004 skis that either are now in the shops or on the way. You may need to be a member to access that info, but the price of membership is well worth it. He really hypes the Head skis, which comes as no surprise if you have tried them recently. He particually likes the new IM Chip 75 with the Super Railflex binding system. I'm going to try to demo those myself this week, and I've heard a lot of people on this site rave about the Head line in general.
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Even though IMHO Head has the best skis on the market, they won't be "the hot ski" next year, due to lack of marketing. For example, I saw a brand new pair of Head iRace's in 180cm go for $250 on ebay recently, yet people are paying $600 plus for Salomon Crossmax's on ebay all the time, which just isn't as good of a ski. I would love to get a pair of 2004 i.m75's-everyone I know who has tried it was raving. I haven't got a chance to ski it yet, but i am on the 2003 iGS-what a ski!
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