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Patagonia Figure 4 Jacket

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I ordered this jacket out of the NSP catalog. when i got it I was a bit disappointed in how thin it was. I am tempted to return it. but figgerd i would do some reserch before i do. I know should have ben the other way around lol

How warm and how much wind dose this jacket stop.. I was thinking it would be about like my north face apex. Buy holding this thing i think i will be warmer with a long sleeved to shurt lol But i have ben supprised with some cothing but i wanted to get some feed back before i return it or take the tags off where i cant return it and find out for mysellf.

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Its a three-season jacket that you'd have to stay very active to stay stay wartm during the winter in. If you keep it, you'll probably end up using it more as a rain jacket than as a skiing shell unless you're using it for ski mountaineering or nordic skiing.
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I have a patagonia light smoke jacket ( i think) which is quite thin, and it does let some wind through while skiing quickly. Overall it's a little colder than my goretex shell, but breathes so much better. Works pretty well with a primaloft or light down jacket underneath. The biggest problem with the figure 4 may be cut - is there any room for layers underneath?
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It's a soft shell designed to be active in.

It probably won't be too warm sitting on the lift in cold weather without layers.

It was designed as an ice climbing shell. (Figure four is a mixed climbing move)

It's not wind proof, it's just really wind resistant.

If you're skinnin' and kinda warm, it will blow off some of that heat
without letting the wind zap all your energy.

It works well for bc.

It is a trim fit to wear under backpacks and not get in the way swinging tools.
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yea.. looks like it was not what i was looking for.. o well got to send it back or pawn it off one someone.

Thanks for all the feedback
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There is an insulated version of the Figure 4 jacket, which is just basically a Smoke jacket with a hood. I picked one up and ski in it much of the time, as it is also great for winter climbing (Smith Rocks can get pretty cold in the shade this time of year). It works as a ski jacket as well, and there doesn't seem to be much, if any functional difference between it and a Smoke-style softshell. It is a fairly narrow cut and doesn't allow for bulky layering.
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Yeah, the figure 4 jacket was definitely designed for climbing rather than skiing. That said, I have one and I use it for everything (ice climbing, hiking, b/c skiing).

It is a thinner fabric. For alpine climbers, shaving ounces is critical. Thinner fabric yields a lighter jacket. Durability-wise, so far, mine has held up pretty well...

I don't find my figure 4 jacket to be lacking in the wind-resistance department compared to other soft-shells. I'd say it's more wind-resistant than my old Serendipity jacket (schoeller dryskin), for example.

I bought mine sized a bit larger so that it would fit over some insulation layers. If I combine my figure 4 with a good baselayer and a mid-weight fleece insulation layer, I'm plenty warm and plenty protected from wind. If I were more worried about wind, I might swap the mid-weight fleece for a primaloft sweater. No wind getting through that combo...
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