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Freestyle Ski Tuning?

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Hi, I've recently gotten into freestyle skiing, purchased Line Chronic 08 skis, and was wondering what kind of tuning is required for freestyle skis. I want to start hitting rails and boxes this year, yet still be doing jumps and heading around the whole mountain. Do the edges required to be tuned or sharpened differently underfoot if I intend to be doing rails/boxes?

Also, is it a better idea to wax the skis, even if they have a factory wax on them already? I've read that factory waxes are usually less than adequate.
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I thought freestyle skiing was wearing patches on your knees and going more or less straight down bump runs.

If you live somewhere with hard snow, you'd be best off not hitting rails and boxes if you want your skis to work well around the rest of the mountain. Else, who cares, enjoy. The specific tuning seen for rail skis involves variations on rounding the edge underfoot. Not good for anything else.
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Rounding the edges underfoot? Doesn't the rail do that for you?
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Originally Posted by Morrison Claystone View Post
Rounding the edges underfoot? Doesn't the rail do that for you?
Yep, except for when it takes it out in chunks.
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So.... what do you guys suggest? Would the edges catch bad if left sharpened?
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Your problem isn't that the edges would catch on the rails and other stuff; it's that if you hit the rails you will not be able to keep your edges sharp enough to carve well on ice and hardpack on the rest of the mountain.
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Yesterday I helped a friend's freestylin'/carvin' kid with base repair and edge work. There was a continuous and large/thick 'burr' out from the side edges. The base bevels measured 2° plus and we reset the side edge to 2° with a panzer and diamonds. Hopefully. I'll get some feedback this week after he and a coach were over at T-ride's park today.

As suggested, might be hard to do a one size fits all tune on skis hitting rails and boxes and then you want to go make some smooth carving turns.
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it's common to round off the edges completely or at most do a minimal tune for box/ rail skis. sharp edges will catch any burrs and imperfections in the rail and quickly send you on your head. not having your edges tuned is fine if you're skiing mostly powder and hitting the park all day however, it's going to be hard to maintain edge sharpness for ice runs and then hit the park at the end of the day.
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