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I might quit skiing...FEET PAIN is MISERABLE...please help!

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Everytime I go up skiing the bottom of my feet hurt. It feels like they are on fire. This increases the more I carve, turn, moguls, trees, etc. It occurs on my entire bottom, but more mainly on the outer bottom of my feet.

Anyways here is my ski "history":

I started skiing in middle school where I would rent skis. Skiing initially off the lift was ok, but after a few minutes into the run the bottom of my feet would start hurting, kinda like the fire description above. I then received some boots many years later which were literally 3-4 sizes too big for me. I skied with those for ~2 years and I didn't feel any pain with those. But the problem were they were way too big, so my feet would slide around.

So I got some Tecnica Vento 10 HVLs last year that actually fit my feet. I then got some custom Surefeet cork insoles for the boots (the ones where they have a vacuum bag around your feet, but you don't place any weight on your feet). My first time up the bottom of my feet started to hurt again. I decided that my boots weren't "broken in" yet, so I ignored it. But it's now been ~10 times I've been skiing with them and the pain is still there.

I just got back from skiing today and am really frustrated. The bottom of my feet hurt so bad that it is absolutely miserable and I physically cannot get my feet to do turns because it hurts so bad.

I was thinking should I see a boot fitter. Would they be able to fix this problem? I am also thinking it might be a waste of money since I already have custom cork insoles. Note I have had this same problem everytime I play hockey with my rollerblades. The bottom of my feet would just FIRE UP in PAIN. I just don't want to play $HUNDREDs$ to a boot fitter and have the pain again since I already paid for the custom insoles.

I am also realistically thinking of QUITTING skiing and learning how to snowboard. Snowboard shoes seem more like normal shoes so I'm thinking I wouldn't feel the same pain. This pain is unbearable, which leads to me not being able to turn and ski properly and makes the entire skiing experience miserable.

Please help me out! Has anyone had this same pain...where the bottom of the feet hurt really bad?

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the problems you are seeing are comon if your foot is compensating for a muscular tightness in the calf [amonsgt other things]

as for money spent, not sure if it is the same in the USA but over here we have a money back guarentee on all superfeet products, i don't see many back but somethimes it is just not the right product for a person and we look at an alternative insole.

i think there are more issues than just the footbed involved here, but you really need to have these looked at by a good fitter, things you could try at home are testing how much flexion you have available in your ankle joint.... sit with your feet parallel , lower leg vertical thights horizontal [bare foot] lift the front of your feet as high as you can from the floor, how much space is there under the ball of your feet at the little toe side? do you feel any pain anywhere when you lift the feet?

when you stand do you naturally stand with your feet straight ahead or toes turned out to any degree?

try these things and we may be able to rule out a couple of causes

good luck
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I know that I have really flat feet. This is probably the causing problem of the pain.

When I stand naturally my toes are slighted pointed outwards. Also when I do that lift test you suggested I have around a few cm of space between the floor and the ball of my little toe.

It's probably hard to do this over the internet, but is there something you're suspecting that is causing the pain? Could it be my flat feet?
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Originally Posted by vback View Post
Everytime I go up skiing the bottom of my feet hurt. It feels like they are on fire. This increases the more I carve, turn, moguls, trees, etc. It occurs on my entire bottom, but more mainly on the outer bottom of my feet.
You need to find a fitter who can do a forefoot flexibility test. If your lateral columns (4th & 5th metatarsals) are excessivly rigid you may need more depth in the footbed on the lateral side. Many fitters will mistakenly keep increasing width with no success. It usually feels like that portion of your foot is supporting all of the weight because that is what is happening. A good way to test for this is by using the stock footbed and removing the area under the 4th & 5th so they sink deeper into the boot. If that works a custom footbed can be modified to do the same thing.
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Often a cork footbed and and flat/flexible foot don't go together well. The first thing I would do is pitch the footbed and ski for a day on either a stock insole (just to get back to baseline) or an over the counter generic footbed.

As the other guys have suggested here, a good biomechanical assessment of your feet and a search for more esoteric causes are reasonable steps.

Don't quit .
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Thanks for all your inputs. I will go to a bootfitter who is recommended by this site.

I am from the Denver area. Two names I have heard are Lee Kinney from The Custom Foot in Denver and Jeff Bergeron in Breckenridge.

Any recommendations?
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Like Matt said, try without the footbed and see what happens. I'll bet pain eliminated. If yes, have someone grind under the arch of the cork beds to soften them. Should help.

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I agree that the footbeds might have too much support in them.

if not please read, check, and answer the following:

A few basic things to check first:

1) You just have one, thin, clean ski sock in the boots
2) You just have a sock in the boot? (no thermals, jewelry, etc)
3) Your toe nails are trimmed short?
4) They are YOUR boots and not borrowed?
5) You are just skiing in your ski boots? (not walking, driving etc)?
6) You dry your liners out at night either with a dryer or remove liners?
7) The left liner, the left footbed are in the left boot and this is on the left foot?
8) You are loosening the buckles if you are not skiing (while standing, on lifts, etc)
9) You are not skiing all day in new boots? They need time to break in
10) Buckles are pointing to the outside?

So your boots are the right size, AND you are doing everything else right, but still the boots are not 100% right. These questions will help a boot fitter will have a better understanding of the problem and can start to help you:

Better Or Worse = (BOW)

1) BOW with the buckles tighter or looser?

2) BOW with thinner or thicker socks?

3) BOW with any footbeds (custom, stock, none, etc)?

4) BOW skiing, standing, or feet un-weighted (hanging off a chair lift)?

5) BOW throughout the day (and when does the pain start?)

6) BOW on the first vs the third day?

7) BOW on harder or easier terrain?

8) BOW with the power straps (Velcro straps) tighter or looser?

9) BOW if you do any particular movements, or actions?

10) Any medical, health, or weight changes since you used them last?
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