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ticket deals

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Price Chopper ( Pricechopper.com for those that do not have a local store you ca get them online) has a promo for many NY an VT aeas, 3 use them almost anytime tickets (sunday to Friday) for either 109 or 135 depending on areas in that package.

some good areas are in the packages!

some as I recall are Smuggs, Mt Snow Bellayre, Okemo and more _----not all in the asme package!

We're getting one three pack for the coming weekend at Belayre, that will take care of three of the crew for 36 each for Sunday, my tickest are included in a cliic so that works ery well!........
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Shaws has something like this - but it came in a flyer so it might be hit-miss.

2 for 1 at Jay Peak. I'll try and find out more.


Here's some stuff from TGR on the same topic

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I found the same booklet at Friendly's too- Took the whole pile and actually sent about a dozen out to bears and mags that PM'd me. Great deal and I also kept the rest of the booklet, so if anyone wants the "$20 off Hunter" coupons I have left, PM away!
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Here's a PDF of the coupons I was able to load! Your welcome
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
Here's a PDF of the coupons I was able to load! Your welcome
Hate to be a whiner, but the PDF won't open (document error) ... might have to link it offsite instead of attaching as an image Anyone else having problems?

But thanks, nonetheless
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here's another try - having some trouble uploading. If not PM me and I'll point you to an online PDF
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All better now
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