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Getting a Fast Race Start

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I realize what stands between me and dropping under a 15 NASTAR handicap is my start. I am a 11.3/ 23.0 Masters track sprinter, but feel like I'm stuck in glue trying to get quickly out of the starthouse for a NASTAR run. Any technique advice?
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go high energy... my starts are pretty bad but as soon as i'm out of the gate i'm poling and skating REALLY hard... as far as i know, the idea behind a kick start is that you are accelerating down the hill before you trip the wand. i honestly have no time all season to practice starts, but i think the key is to pull up on one heel while kicking the other (i've seen this done, just cant do it myself), and pulling yourself down the hill with your poles as hard as you can. when you trip the wand, both feel will be off the ground and moving downhill. then SKATE. HARD. compress that ski through the turns and get a lot of energy out of it....
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Fluro powder???? I have been using the Zardoz/tiny bottles and the Swix F4 on my sons skis. What's this powder?
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Gravity, I know that you know that, but others may not get it from your post. Fluoros are great ONLY in a wet snow. Rule of thumb: if you can make a snowball - use fluoros to be the fastest. Best fluoro wax around is MoleculeF spray, also easy to apply. More on it at http://www.moleculef.com


Speed does not kill, the difference in it does...
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They way I teach my racers to start is to:
-place your poles in the first or second closest holes. You want your feet as far away from the wand as comfortably possible.

-then stamp (or kick) one foot back placing all your weight on your tips and poles (more on your poles).

-as you do this your legs are straight (ie keeping them away form the wand as long as possible).

-you are pushing your self out of the gate pretty well off the ground with you poles.

-once you are out depending on the terrain and course either push like a mad man or set your line.
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Thanks, Woody. Nice and clear. Reminds me of a track start: way out over the line with all the weight on the arms and hands. It sounds like the initial poling is behind the hips, driving back.
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