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TR: Loveland Pass/Keystone/Breck 12/6-7/2008

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Went out to Summit County this weekend.

Got a late start on Saturday and saw real big crowds at Keystone and A-Basin. Decided to head up to the pass to mess around a little bit. Headed to a S aspect on the parking lot side. Stuck to lower angle slopes as there seemed to be a decent amount of wind loading. Built a kicker and found plenty of snow to launch ourselves haphazardly into without worry of injury. In digging for the kicker noticed a pretty tight snowpack sitting on about an inch of ground hoar. Could see it being an iffy snowpack if skiing higher slope angles towards the magic 38 degree point.

Sunday split the day between Keystone and Breck. Gotta say I was pretty disappointed with both. It may just be that we've already put in a lot of time this season, and are just getting tired of the same runs, but I was really hoping to see more open at this point. Snow wasn't bad on some of the newer runs but pretty slick on some of the runs that have been open for some time now.

It should only take one more decent storm. Hopefully this system moving through Monday into Tuesday will bring it.
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I've gotten the impression that they cut back on snowmaking waiting for that next storm. They've got two weeks to go before they need to panic and start up again. Fingers crossed.
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Should have stopped at Loveland. Lift lines were minimal on Saturday, every chair except 9 is open. After some weird morning ice/sleet conditions were good.
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Breck reputedly hasn't cut back on snowmaking -- they are devoting it all to building the superpipe for the Dew tour event next weekend. A ski instructor told me that they tried to cut back the lifts to the Colorado superchair last Monday to save money. The lift line built to 40 minutes, and with the number of complaints they received, they finally opened up the Rocky at 2 PM.

Sounds like they are quite focused on cost.

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