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Very basic waxing

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I have local ski shops do waxing for myself and my family, but I'd like to do some basic waxing myself, especially for my wife and my kids skis. My wife is not an aggressive skier and my kids are 9 and 10 and ski for fun and not racing. I have no waxing equipment and wonder if the maplus spray on waxes would suit my needs. I was thinking of starting off with something like this


I may do more eventually, but thought this might work for now. I also have a black and decker workbench also wonder if this would be good for more extensive ski tuning if I decide I like it.

Thanks, John
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I would fully encourage you to start tuning your own skis at a basic level. Note I said tuning and not waxing, waxing is a very small component. Depending on where you live/ski edges could be far more important, I know that here on the ice coast they certainly are. Base repair and structuring are also very important (waxing too).
Basic tuning is not that hard once you learn the fundamentals of it. I'd suggest checking with local shops to see if anybody ever has tuning clinics, these are a great way to learn. Be forewarned, you start small and just keep wanting to do more, at least thats what happened to me. You'll end up with a bunch of crazy tools that don't work for much else other than tuning.

I do not know anything that wax, but usually liquid/paste waxes are used on top of a base that has already been hot waxed. They work great as sort of a "refresher" before hitting the hill. That may or may not be the case with this stuff. I'm a fan of just basic all temp or a fairly broad temperature range hot wax with a coat of something like Swix F4 on top. It works for my needs.

I think there are a few people on here who use a B&D bench/saw horse type of thing for ski tuning, is that what you have? If you are going to get into tuning, buy a good set of vices early on, it will save you frustration late. $100 (or more) may be hard to swallow for only one piece of the tuning puzzle, but you really will only buy a vice once if you buy the right stuff.

Good luck!!
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As a starting point, the 'one size fits all' Universal spray waxing kit is a good option for it's ease and quick application with very acceptable results for your stated needs. For the Maplus Quick & Standard Application, here are the steps.

Go easy on the base cleaner (or use the Bio Citron or Citrus) and applying the universal spray over a harder base wax would be my preference, but if you are consistent with application and pay attention relative to snow abrasiveness and and use, the spray or liquid will be fine and almost too easy to use. You can always reapply at the hill if the snow is very coarse.

Here is the EpicSki Maplus test and my son's science project thread for additional spray and liquid insights. FWIW, per Maplus' testing run by the Product Manager, if consumers and competitors only based their wax purchases on durability and performance, Maplus would prefer to simply manufacture liquid waxes due to Maplus' superior high melt waxes in liquid form. Adding heat increase the durability to the liquids to beyond that of comparable solids (hot waxing).

As dumpy pointed out, the waxing is but one component. During a couple recent tuning clinics, the waxing was the preferred first step for those new to tuning, waxing and base prep. When I went from hot waxing techniques to the liquids, the simplicity and dramatic time savings got the 'wows and thumbs up'. I've tried to dispute the testing and potential 'hype' by comparing solids to the Maplus liquids and haven't been able to even with a typical old school bias (ad enjoyment) towards hot waxing.

Supporting your families skis for basic waxing and many tasks does not need to be complicated or anything more than simple tip and tail supports from basic materials readily at hand. When and if you move to edge tuning, scraping and brushing, securing the the skis becomes important.

I think the main thing is that your are stepping towards taking care of your boards start simple and evolve over time and bump it up a notch when it feels right.
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skinnydog, you ski in southern NH, is that correct?

I would add P1 cold to that kit.

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