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Fit after surgery

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Im in pain, and I'm only sitting in my living room.

Here's my Question.

Last season, I fractured my tibia at the ankle, a compound fracture that required a 6" plate from the ankle bone up.

If I flex forward, I get a sharp pain where the plate is, but how can I get this softened or padded?

Has anyone had this, and what did you do to fix things, as well as, how much comfort did it provide.

I've resigned myself to the fact that I may never ski moguls again, more than likely won't race, but I wont give up completely.

I NEED to get comfortable, I still have my 5 year old twins who haven't out skied me yet.
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send a PM message to "snow7" as he had a similar break and has hardware in his leg and is skiing quite comfortably now and at a very high level.
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you get the sharp pain, but is this with or with out your boots on?

the answer could lie either way, if it is without your boots on, then prehaps the support form the boot will reduce the amount that you bend the ankle and stop the pain, if it is with the boots on then you may need some pretty serious boot work doing

remember that we are on line here so all this is suposition, the first thing you need to do is seek out the best boot fitter you can get to, check the list at the top of the forum all those listed there make boot adjustments for this type of problems, you need to have the whole area assessed and work out aplan as to what can be done

this is one boot fit that should not be DIY in any way, but remember what hapened to the herminator a few years back... andhe won a super G the other week......done give up your want to ski bumps and race just yet, there are loads of things that can be done

good luck
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Talk to your surgeon about the possibility of getting the hardware out after 1 year post-op. That will likely be the main solution to your problem.
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Sorry to follow up;

Yes the pain is with the boots on, I've only got the bail on the first tooth, and it's rather uncomfortable. To be blunt, I can feel where the plate is.

Bud, thanks, I'll PM snow7, and ask for his experience. I'm really interested in what others have found, or have managed to work with.
Always worth finding out how well things worked for others.

jdistefa, the hardware stays, it was a very, very bad break.


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it should be possible to crreate a space so there is no pressure where the plate is, or change the liner for something that moulds around the problem, always difficult to say exactly where, what and how on line, but i think there is a pretty good chance you will be ok, in the hands of the right fitter
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