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Unwrapping mummy

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Today I was in the attic getting down the Christmas stuff, when low and behold, my old ski bag. I have not seen that in years. You have to know that I have taken off quite a few years, so this is an ancient find. I unwrapped the bag and found: my other bag. I opened that and found: 1 pair of head red hots, ones that I bought to use for shorties. They pretty much sucked then, they are surly no better now, so threw them out. One pair of poles, Reflex exibitions, perfectly usable and in great shape. One can of silicone, no pressure left, in the trash it went, and one lightly used pair of Dynistar SL Ceramic Fibre fiberglass skis with Solomon 957 bindings. These were purchased just before my haitus, and are in perfect condition, they look perfect. I am stoked! Is there any reason that these cannot be used this year? The bindings look fine. Most of you guys,( and Girls) know way more tham me about this stuff, give me the low down, .
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They should be fine I'd get the bindings tested and a fresh tune put on before I hit the hill though.
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Not sure about the skis, my guess is they are straight and long, you'd be muuuuch better off on new gear, yes the new stuff is that good.

I doubt you will find a shop that will work on those bindings as they are no longer indemnified, but from what I understand they are a GREAT binding and have quite a following.

I say rock on with the Reflexes, they will work great.
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957's are no longer indemnified. The 957E's do still have a following, I wouldn't ski in a 957 Composite though.
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long and straight

Yes they are long and straight. This is how I learned, unwieghting, and that sort of thing. I have tried the new skis, and cannot seem to get a handle on the new technique. I always seem to revert to the old school. Skis together, knees locked unwaighting at turn initation. Thanks, I am going to take them with me and give them a whirl again. I have some 5 stars that I do pretty well with, and am looking for some fatter jobs for the pow, I have gotten some great suggestions on another thread.
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