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Boot brands

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Any suggestions for someone who has a normal foot with a huge calf. I know nordicas work well any other brands that could work?
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that all depends on the classification of a normal foot, most brands make a boot that can be modified to accomodate a larger calf, nordica, head, lange, atomic and salomon all make at least one boot with a decent sized cuff on it , it really depends on the skiers, foot size and shape, their ability and the size of the calf at the top of the boot.... if you measure around the leg approx 12" from the floor it will give a guide as to how tough it will be to fit. is the foot wide, narow or pretty average at the heel

i will say it before someone else does, you will need to see a good fitter as none of us can see the feet concerned, trust in the fitter and the results can be fantastic
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