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Copper Mountain Dec 13-20

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Heading out to copper and was wondering how have the conditions have been? Looking at the next few days shows a decent shot at getting dumped on. This will be my first trip to copper does anyone have any suggestions?
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I skied there yesterday. It's definitely still on the thin side with many runs having signficant grass showing thorough. Another foot or so, should make a huge improvement and allow them to open up more terrain. The runs with adequate coverage were good - not icy.

I'd say if they don't get much more snow, you're going to be disappointed skiing on old, thin snow. If they get another dump, you'll probably be in good shape.

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What kind of terrain do you like to ski? What do you want to work on?

Kind of hard to recommend anything without some guidance of your ability and desires.

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As the OPs stated, hard to give too much input without more information. Was at Copper yesterday, still thin in spots, especially if you are looking for ungroomed runs. With a couple more storms, most of the frontside blue and green runs should be open by the time of your stay. A-Lift, Resolution bowl, and Union bowls are not guaranteed to open by then and Spaulding and Copper Bowls being open is most unlikely.

I'll be at Copper on the 14th and 19th. I would be happy to ski with you or at least point some areas out that you might enjoy. Send me a PM if you want to meet up.

Enjoy you vacation.

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It looks like they will be getting 5-10 inches today and tonight. Nothing but flurries forecast for the rest of the week so far.
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