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European ski schools info?

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Hello everyone,

I am somewhat familiar with the American Teaching System. I simply read the publications from PSIA. No problem here.

What about the European Teaching Systems? Where can I get infomation about their systems and their techniques? I realize that what I am looking for is too general. I am not expecting a comprehensive answer. Any small part will do!

Which European countries constantly stay on the top of their teaching systems?


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Every few years all the major and some minor countries get together to demonstrate their skiing/riding styles. It is call Interski.
Interski organization

When you open their main page, click on the items to the left, and a second window opens. All of the organizations are listed, so you can contact them.

There are videos made each year. I don't remember how I got mine a few years back. Maybe contact Interski directly, or PSIA.
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Not entirely an answer but.... I'm not sure there is a system in each country. There certainly isn't a grading system like the US (PSIA?) 1-10. At the end of ski school in France in December, we were evaluated but were told the gradings only applied if we went back to the same school in future - the other instructors used different grades.

There's been an ongoing row between the Brits & the French over ski instructors. You can see what the Brits do at
Basi site but until very recently (not sure the current position) no-one's been allowed to teach in France unless they've passed all the French exams including what is supposed to be a very hard racing one.
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The Brit/French thing has been partly resolved, and the Brits have done well out of it!
You can now instruct in France if you have BASI 3. This is very useful, cause to get to BASI 2, you need to do a lot of skiing, which you can get paid for by teaching in France. I had a dream of becoming an instructor, and this looked like the best route. [img]smile.gif[/img]
But there aren't too many Brits instructing in France yet - as far as I know, the French schools are trying to employ only French staff. Not sure on that one. Any French instructors here? Can you clear this one up?

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