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Sick video on Vail site

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So I'm curious about how Vail is doing with all these CO TRs coming in. So I type in vail.snow.com and first thing I see is a new video marketing the Back Bowls. It is sweeeet.


edit: If it doesn't pop up, click the button in the top right corner.
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So... it's just an ad? Somehow I though there's be skiing.
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Anything goes to up my stokes...a three day long week end and I haven't been able to!!!! Aaaaargghhhhh!
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that vid is pretty sick
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Slick add, no actual movement, just panning and zooming on the pictures. Anything with snow is good for now though.
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It's trendy to sneer at Vail - often for good reasons. The Euro-trash Disneyland vibe gets tedious. So does the endless money-grab. Also, there's no uber-extreme terrain.

But, after you've spent a day in the back bowls after a storm, you begin to understand what the fuss is about.

An untouched expanse, 7 miles wide, softens the hardest cynic.
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