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Skis to take it easy for the season

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Coming out of an ACL surgery last March, I am looking to take it easy this season to get my confidence back and improve my skiing fundamentals. I am looking for something that will help me with these objectives.

Before the injury I was an upper intermediate. I have started skiing a few years ago and I have been skiing every chance I got since then. At first I was skiing on mountain shop rentals. Over time I realized those are really bad and started looking for a rental store outside of the mountain. But I have not owned skis yet. I own boots though (based on reading up at Epic), Keith the Pro at Hunter hooked me up with Dalbello Proton 8s.

I'd like to get through this season on these skis I am looking to buy, and feel safe all the way. But I am not looking for something that I would toss away after the season. Here is a recap and some more info:
  • Male, 5' 7'', 145 #
  • Want to feel safe while getting back to skiing after ACL injury
  • Mostly for the East, so I want something that would hold in shaky conditions
  • I mostly skied blues and some blacks before injury, but I am planning to spend this season on greens and some blues. Prefer wide trails to narrow trails independent of steepness (would generally take steep and wide over narrower and less steep)
  • Will mostly spend time on groomed runs, and will try to avoid bumps.
  • I would not mind looking at prior seasons (or even second hand, though not preferred) if there is a more suitable ski.
Last season, I was looking to buy a pair of skis I could grow on. Based on reading Epic, I almost went with Fischer RX 8s, but after season-ending injury, I did not get them. I came across these for my current search though: http://www.sierraskis.com/Fischer-Re...stem-17698.asp

Looking forward to your replies. Hopefully, this is not too confusing.
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The Red Heats are ideal for what you describe. You might also consider the Fischer Progressor 8+. These skis will be a huge improvement over typical rental skis, this will aid your confidence as a returning skier.

The Red Heats will do everything you ask. The binding system is a safe and proven design, but the heel unit is very basic. You can easily upgrade the binding to a 12 DIN model like this: http://www.levelninesports.com/tyrol...red-p-905.html . These will provide greater retention than the 10 DIN model.

If you were a heavier and/or faster skier these skis might disappoint. However at normal recreational speeds these skies should be great.

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Would recommend something that works for a lighter intermediate skier but is stable, damp. Also would pay attention to the bindings. For a freshly healed knee, Tyrolia/Head/Elan bindings get the edge, Markers are also reliable for your purposes. So IMO, Fischers have wonderful bindings, but aren't very damp. Might also think about K2, some nice deals online these days on last season's carvers, Nordica Machs, and Elan Waveflexes. Last two will particularly shine for edge hold, K2's maybe not so much.
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Thanks for the advice so far.

beyond: Any particular model in K2s?
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